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3yo girl and 1yo boy sharing a room - what do you think?

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naturelover Sun 18-Jul-10 21:55:09

That's it really? DD and DS currently in different rooms but we'd like them to share for a few years (until we can afford to convert the loft) so that we can have a study/spare room.

Any tips/thoughts about the pros/cons of this arrangement and also making the transition. DS still breastfeeds 1-2 times a night and shows no sign of slowing down, he's an enormous hungry thing.

Anyone done this?


MrsTicklemouse Sun 18-Jul-10 22:01:31

My two have always shared so we can have a spare room, works really for us and DS1 never woke up when DS2 was still having night feeds, one has to be asleep before the other goes though or they'd play!

nickschick Sun 18-Jul-10 22:02:33

ds1 and 2 choose to share even when they have had the option of their own rooms

AnyFucker Sun 18-Jul-10 22:03:40

I don't think anything at all, tbh

Do what works for your famiy

moaningminniewhingesagain Sun 18-Jul-10 22:03:52

I have the same, 3yo girl, 1yo boy.

They shared ok when he was in a cot. Now got/tried them both in beds and it's not working, so he is back in with us, in a travel cot. Also still night wakings/feeds here too.

DD never woken by him in the night though.

Mine will share soon though, no choice, 2 bed house.

franke Sun 18-Jul-10 22:05:38

dd and ds1 have shared since they were the same age as your 2. It's been fine. They're now 6 and 7 and we are planning on separate rooms in the near future. I can't really give you a list of pros and cons - it's just worked for us, simple as that.

katechristie Sun 18-Jul-10 22:06:02

well, it's ok for Charlie and Lola at 8 and 5 grin - have you spoken to your DD about it yet and gauged her thoughts on it? we're considering this (DS 3.5yo, DD 15mo) and without prompting DS, he said to me one evening C&L do have 2 beds in their room mummy and seemed to be testing the water as to whether he could have the same. Still, DD also feeding in the night, so am not going to consider it until that's done with! - As long as DD seems receptive, go for it - I think most children that age would find it exciting!

Maisiethemorningsidecat Sun 18-Jul-10 22:06:05

Seems fine to me.

Jojay Sun 18-Jul-10 22:06:19

My DS's are 3.6 and 1.8 nad though they have their own rooms at home they have shared a lot whilst camping, staying with Granny etc, and they get put in together when we have someone staying.

They LOVE it. We used to let DS2 go to sleep first then sneak DS1 in, but now we can put them down awake and they chat for a bit then fgot to sleep no problem.

They don't automatically wake each other up in the mornings either. DS1 is an eariler riser and will get up on his own without disturbing DS2.

Haven't had to cope with night feeds but as long as your DD is a fairly good sleeper I don't see it would be a problem

mamafox Tue 20-Jul-10 13:17:56

dd2 and ds will be sharing a room at Dec/Jan when she turns 5 and he is 18mths. We're waiting until he is a little older and more a toddler and less a baby
I think it will work well, at the moment dd1 and dd2 share (aged 8 and 4.5) & they argue but generally it is ok and good for them to learn how to share a space and be considerate of others, even when they don't want to.

deepdarkwood Tue 20-Jul-10 13:22:39

DS & dd (now 6 & 4) have shared since dd was about 18 months. They both slept better in a shared room (at least at first...) - and when we recently suggested they split up they were both really tearful about the idea (& I should stress that whilst they get on well, they are not in general 'lovey dovey' about each other wink I am amazed at what they'll sleep through - we've had middle of night vomiting, bed wetting, and general shouting utterly ignored by the 'sleeping' child. I guess the only thing you do need to think about is a decor approach that will work with both of them whilst they grow - dd and ds would probably each go more strongly gendered if allowed - but the shared room has allowed us to create something green with knights/castles/princesses and dragons that works for everyone smile

Tortington Tue 20-Jul-10 13:24:19

fine to me. there may be a proble in them waking each other up. when the 1 yo gets to 3 yo and the 3 yo is at school - this could be a problem

but staggared bedtimes help

WomanAtTheWell Tue 20-Jul-10 13:34:34

My 5 and 3 yr olds have been in together since they were little and we've never had a problem. Last week 3 yr old was violently sick and had to change bedding etc in the middle of the night and 5 yr old didn't even stir! The room is decorated neutrally but they have pink/blue bedlinen and things on the wall by their beds. They will shortly be joined by 5 month old too as we only have two bedrooms!

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