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Buying first pair of shoes

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reallytired Sun 18-Jul-10 19:36:25

I should know the answer to this as I have two children. However my son got his first pair of shoes at 24 months old when the child physio advised. My daughter's development is normal so it seems a bit silly to ask the health visitor.

My daughter is now 15 months old and is able to walk about 2 to 3 metres independently. She still crawls, but her walking is getting better all the time.

Barefeet is best for children to learning to walk, but my daughter wants to go in the garden with her big brother.

Do you think I should buy her first shoes, or wait and put off the horrible expense. I feel guilty as there is currently a sale on at clarks and children's shoes are hideously expensive.

oopsandbabycoconuts Sun 18-Jul-10 19:45:12

It's summer now so if possible I would let her walk about barefoot. Proper shoe should only be fitted once she has been walking properly and independantly for over 6 weeks. The later you leave it the better for her feet. What about a pair of soft leather shoes if you are worried about prickles.

Woobie Sun 18-Jul-10 19:56:22

In my opinion (which may not count for much!) I think you're daft to feel guilty.
I agree barefoot is best, however, my DS is only 10 months, crawling & just started cruising around evreything at every opportunity. When he crawls, he does a funny "drag" of one foot & up on his other sole of the foot (as if walking on one foot.)
When we're outside on some surfaces, it would mean he would scrape his skin sore. I therefore bought him his first pair of crawler shoes at clarks. They were in a sale too. The way I think of it, he can be barefoot as often as poss & he won't get hurt. Then when out & about I pop his shoes on for a little while.
No harm done!
But them, save some cash & keep her tootsies free from scrapes. wink x

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