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Reasons not to have 4 children?

(14 Posts)
WidgetWB Sat 17-Jul-10 18:32:18

All answers on a postcard please? I have three boys 6, 4 and 2 and am struggling at the permanent contraceptive options as thinking I might want another one.

Please can someone tell me why not to - as clearly I know the good reasons with three lovely children already!

Bobbalina Sat 17-Jul-10 18:34:27

expensive decision - will you need a different house or car, can you afford it or will you need to work longer?

TurtleAnn Sat 17-Jul-10 21:36:11

cost of holidays
time sharing with all four
cooking for four + parents
room for pals to stay over
space for each child to have their own individuality without being cramped by each others style
time for yourself
getting out the nappies again
the environment - its a cheap shot but easy to think of, sorry
4 teenagers
your age when the last one turns 30
being able to live your life and not their life (my Mum tries to live her life through me and it drives me nuts)

Do you secretly want to try for a girl? - You see if thats the case no amount of reasons are going to sway you...

TurtleAnn Sat 17-Jul-10 21:36:51

college fund *4

WidgetWB Sun 18-Jul-10 09:31:34

Well that is definitely enough of a reason! Its one of those things I just can't shake off! I don't want a girl at all really, would prefer another boy. The four teenagers thing freaked me out! I hadn't got that far in their lives. I am one of four and the eldest - and HATED it. Quite why i would do that to ds1 I will never know. I don't even want the baby stage, just the 2 plus bit. I think I have three beautiful healthy boys and I should stick with them! But then I keep having these thoughts of more - but maybe lots of people do that. Doesn't mean I have to carry them out! Thanks for all those reasons - and thanks for making me laugh - very good! x

EnglandAllenPoe Sun 18-Jul-10 09:42:33

pelvic floor?

Thomcat Sun 18-Jul-10 09:48:29

It's easy to get 3 kids in the back of a car. 4 kids means much bigger and more expensive car.

Bigger house.

Bigger dining table.

Another person to answer you back. More noise. More arguments amongst themselves etc.

Another set of school shoes, uniform etc.

Seats on airplanes. Hotel rooms, bigger villas etc. Bigger hire cars. Bigger tents.

More meals to cook, more washing to do.

Cost of rides at fairs, birthday / xmas gifts / amount of invites and gifts you have to buy goes up.

And so on.

foreverastudent Sun 18-Jul-10 10:15:49

That it could be twins.

deemented Sun 18-Jul-10 10:28:49

I heard of a friend of a friend who had three boys, and decided to try for just one more. She ended up pregnant with triplets - all boys!!!

That said, i have three living children, 5, 2 and 6 months and i would absolutely love another child. I feel like i'm not ready to say that i'm not having anymore yet. Manshapes not keen though...

sarah293 Sun 18-Jul-10 10:34:37

Message withdrawn

lovechoc Sun 18-Jul-10 10:51:55

just the cost of it all and more expensive holidays would put me right off. that's why we're sticking with just 2 DC. Why make life more difficult for yourself with sleep deprivation for a 4th time?? Plenty other reasons above though not to go ahead and have a 4th...

Alouiseg Sun 18-Jul-10 20:54:57

I always "thought" I wanted 4. But 2 dc's later I realise my limitations, 2 arms, 2 parents, 2 seats in the car.

When they've left home I'll wish I had 6 but I'm 40 now and won't have more, dh and I have got too selfish and I honestly believe that the present 2 would suffer because of it.

My parents had late babies and it did nothing for my and db at all, they just lost their focus on us and concentrated on the needs of the little ones.

chipmonkey Sun 18-Jul-10 21:35:43

I have four. I love it!<<runs>>>

hksi Mon 19-Jul-10 19:51:54

4 is wonerful. Everyone has a partner. Watching the changing dynamics is fasinating. Noone is ever left out. There is nothing I love more than sitting at our full dinner table! I have my 4 to enjoy all year around so doesn't matter if we have a cheaper holiday. Feel proud of the achievment of raising 4 happy children. I don't think 3 works as well. Even numbers for me all the way!!!

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