Need help with a very sensitive complaint against a massive multinational!

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MrsRickman Fri 16-Jul-10 17:58:45

Ok, here goes.
Coca Cola are running a promo via their Dr Pepper brand just now on facebook. It is called 'status takeover' and involves the application putting an embarrassing or funny status on your FB page.
My 14 yo dd participated and I was HORRIFIED to log into FB and see that her status read - 'I watched 2 girls one cup and felt hungry afterwards'. For anyone who doesn't know what this means, please stay ignorant, for those who do, you can imagine how I felt. This was compounded later on when a quick search through dds internet history revealed she had tried to find out what it was for herself. Thankfully, our ISP has a wonderful child filter!!
So, after various emails and phonecalls to CocaCola marketing I have been offered (quite offensively) as way of compensation, a night in a hotel and theatre tickets for the West End. Fat lot of use to me, we live in Glasgow.
So, how do I proceed? ASA? I am absolutely fizzing with rage and disgust, and want a full apology and explanation. CocaCola are saying they use outside marketing teams for different brands and it's outside their jurisdiction. Help!?

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HouseofCrazy Fri 16-Jul-10 18:02:49

No advice but shock on your behalf.

differentID Fri 16-Jul-10 18:04:15

That is hugely unacceptable.

What are the t&C of the application? you may find it says for 18years+

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Fri 16-Jul-10 18:06:29

Worth having a word with Facebook as well?

PuppyMonkey Fri 16-Jul-10 18:06:58

shock I don't know what it means blush but shock

Daily Mail would love this - sex, Facebook, Coco Cola, them offering you a night in a hotel - the editor will bite your hand of wink

nancydrewrocks Fri 16-Jul-10 18:07:46

OMG - even if the application is for 18+ there is absolutely nothing that could make that acceptable.

You need to write to the head of customer services saying that you want an explanation and an assurance that this cannot happen again - although in the circumstances you might want to go straight to the press. Vile vile vile.

CheekyLittleSox Fri 16-Jul-10 18:08:38

I dont know what it means either - someone tell me!

Email them back and say thank you but i live in Glasgow!


MrsRickman Fri 16-Jul-10 18:08:44

The t&cs state that participation is for people aged 14 and over.

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ConnorTraceptive Fri 16-Jul-10 18:12:16

yes please explain what it means?

Lauriefairycake Fri 16-Jul-10 18:13:45

2 women shitting into a cup after shagging then alternately eating it and vomiting in each others mouths.

Enjoy your dinner grin

MrsRickman Fri 16-Jul-10 18:14:24

ahem blush
Two Girls One Cup is scat pornography.
I shall leave it at that.

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MrsRickman Fri 16-Jul-10 18:15:22

I should have left that to Lauriefairycake, she put it far more succinctly than me

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bibbitybobbityhat Fri 16-Jul-10 18:16:25

Straight to the press. No mucking around. Since when was it alright for extreme obscene pornography to be casually referenced in mainstream marketing? Like everybody should just know about this degrading filth?

differentID Fri 16-Jul-10 18:16:54

then that is even worse MrsR.

amothersplaceisinthewrong Fri 16-Jul-10 18:19:39

Bloody hell, that should not be allowed for ANYONE., let alone fourteen year olds.

scurryfunge Fri 16-Jul-10 18:20:17

Has CocaCola challenged children to out-gross each other and she has discovered this phrase herself or have CocaCola provided her with the terminology and encouraged its usage?

Wineonafridaynight Fri 16-Jul-10 18:22:42

Goodness! I'm horrified by that. I work in PR. It is likely to be one of their agencies who have set this up. DId you speak to coca cola direct or their agency?

I would ask yourself what you want to achieve by this. So for example. Do you want a written apology? Do you want them to take the competition down?

To be honest, I'm suprised that they havent dealt with this more seriously. Have they told you how they will stop it happening in the future?

This could seriously damage the coca cola brand and they should be more concerned about it. If they were my client then I would advise them to take it down straight away. That said, if they were my client they would not be doing a competition like that in the first place!

patienceplease Fri 16-Jul-10 18:24:34

Gross for adults. Obscene for under 18s. I would go to the press. Obviously that will ultimately help coca-cola cos it gives them publicity but I think that facebook should not allow it, and neither should coca-cola allow this type of filthy marketing. And I see from a quick that it is aimed at teenagers.
Advertising standards? Press? asap.

Wineonafridaynight Fri 16-Jul-10 18:24:41

Also do you know the name of the person you spoke to at Coca COla? If it was just generic customer services then you really need to speka to their press people as they should take it more seriously.

patienceplease Fri 16-Jul-10 18:25:18

from a quick google

MrsRickman Fri 16-Jul-10 18:26:08

I spoke to the Coca Cola marketing manager this morning.
She explained that that particular 'embarrassing status' was being removed from the promo. The promo is still running. She explained that Coca Cola were not involved in the design of the promo and she thanked me for bringing it to their attention.
I just want rid of this feeling of rage that I have, I haven't felt this angry or undermined for a long time.

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Lauriefairycake Fri 16-Jul-10 18:27:59

I too would go the press with this - if I as an adult got sent it I would be apoplectic - if dd got sent it I would probably sue them.

There could be charges that relate to this - 'corrupting a minor' 'encouraging a child to engage in a sex act' (her internet illegal pornography search was encouraged by them as a 14 year could not be expected to know what it meant0

sayanything Fri 16-Jul-10 18:28:23

Bloody hell. That's utterly inappropriate, I'm gobsmacked. A quick google shows that Dr Pepper's own example of "properly embarrassing" is:

"Just used the cardboard bit of the bog roll." Which is nowhere near your DD's example, so they're being misleading too.

Defo go to the press and the ASA - just because they use outside marketing teams doesn't mean they don't have ultimate responsibility for the content of their ad campaigns.

Lauriefairycake Fri 16-Jul-10 18:28:50

Contact the police for advice. Seriously.

Wineonafridaynight Fri 16-Jul-10 18:29:11

I really can't believe she thought that was acceptable! And also to fob it off that coca cola weren't involved. eerrr...surely they approve anything that has their brand name.

Do you know the name of the lady? Do you want to go to the press? Also do you have a screen grab of the status update.

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