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Mums with a superiority complex.......

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ssd Fri 19-Aug-05 10:45:05

How many do you know or do they all live near me?

They wait until your kid is having a temper tantrum then say "Oh mine never behaves like that"

or yours is having a fly swig at your coke when in a cafe and they say "mine never has fizzy drinks"

or when yours is playing with the toy they got in McDonalds they say "I've never taken mine to McDonalds and the oldest is 6".............


drives me nuts

highlander Fri 19-Aug-05 10:47:54

my neighbour was like this when I lived in Canada. I found it very depressing. Its ojnly now than I'm away from her that I realise I should just have avoided her like the plague. I'm now very, very careful who I mix with. Being a mum is hard enough without other mums nipping your head

expatinscotland Fri 19-Aug-05 10:48:33

I just laugh at mums like that. B/c, usually, DD is prettier than their children, anyway.

expatinscotland Fri 19-Aug-05 10:51:39

I've taken her to McDonald's where she cheesed at all the staff, who always give her a balloon, and flashed her green eyes at everyone and greeted them w/a hearty 'hiya!'. She then ate an entire order of chips with salty ketchsup. She was still alive and kickin' a few days later.

nailpolish Fri 19-Aug-05 10:52:49

ive sort of got the opposite. i have a cousin with 2 boys the same age as my girls, and when i say no to dd's having tons of sweets etc, she laughs at me and says "for goodness sake, just give it to her"

in particular, she laughs when i give dd1 into trouble for being especially rough with her baby sister. her older boy is very rough with his baby brother, twisting his arm behind his back til he cries etc, and she just says "theyre only playing, its all part of family life" but i try and explain i dont like it. she just all the more laughs

one time i remember well was when they were all playing in the garden, all very muddy, and she said to me "the 2 babies will be dragged up" this upset me a bit, i just said "speak for yourself"

i dont see her much, we obviously have different opinions now

nailpolish Fri 19-Aug-05 10:56:00

BUT i never voice my opinions to her. whilst her boys are having 5 packets of smarties for lunch and poking each other in the eye, i wouldnt dream of saying "my 2 never do that" because of course, THEY DO!

some people are blind to their own childrens bad behaviour, even their own behaviour, i hate people who strutt around thinking they are their children and the idea of perfection

nailpolish Fri 19-Aug-05 10:56:29

are = and

JoolsToo Fri 19-Aug-05 10:58:18

are you talking about me?

oops Fri 19-Aug-05 11:06:38

Message withdrawn

madmarchhare Fri 19-Aug-05 11:11:40

I was sort of thinking along those lines lines yesterday actually, but more of 'smug' parent type. You know the sort that have kids older than yours and just sit there smiling and then say 'Well, you'll realise when such and such' or 'When mine were that age' but with a definate smugness as if they are superior to you because they have done it already.

mogwai Fri 19-Aug-05 11:11:50

shall I put ceebeebees on for him?

he never watches THAT

nailpolish Fri 19-Aug-05 11:13:36

oh god ive had that too. was in a group of mums and toddlers when they were talking about smacking. one said to me "do you smack?" i said "no" they all fell about laughing and said "oh just you wait and see" i nearly cried!

i know im not perfect, but dont take the piss

i dont go there any more btw!

nailpolish Fri 19-Aug-05 11:14:30

mogwai, some people lie through their teeth dont they!

expatinscotland Fri 19-Aug-05 11:21:51

LOL! DD gets up in the morning, comes into the living room w/her milk, and says 'TV on! Beebies!' She tries to sing the Teletubbies song and would like to watch her Maisy video every day if we let her.

Chandra Fri 19-Aug-05 11:23:34

Have you realised that the mums who are more por active in criticising other mums are the same who who won't accept a suggestion and are normally wind up when their child is not doing "better" than the other's mum children.

I met a mum who was always complaining about my parenting skills, I was cruel by following a routine, I was cruel for letting DS (as a baby) go out without shoes during the summer, I was mad by feeding so much milk to DS as she only fed half the quantity (her familly is short mine is very tall, but she failed to apreciate that bigger babies need more milk), on her eyes I was doing everything wrong. So finally, when DS started attending nursery she rang me to ask how "distressed" DS was and when I said that he was not having a bad time, that we were always told by the staff that he was a very placid baby, she went ballistic and told me that her child cried so much at the nursery because she had a very strong bond with her which I have failed to achieve with DS. She was mad, she was constantly getting offended for things the people had not even said or were unrelated to her child, she even one day was very offended because another friend decided not to use the same nursery she was using... because there was no parking (well she was driving from out of town and you can't partk in the city centre, how did that affected her I will never know...)

madmarchhare Fri 19-Aug-05 11:24:08

Yup, had that one NP

mogwai Fri 19-Aug-05 14:50:31

a friend of mine is so uptight. Her son was at my house and he was playing havock, which was why I suggested putting ceebeebies on. He had been so good, was obviosly now getting bored.

"He's never seen that in his life" came the disgusted remark. The sneer on her face indicated clearly that she thought the suggestion was terrible.

I don't see what's wrong with a bit of ceebeebies. I'm not suggesting the TV should be on as a constant droning in the corner, but he's going to be the odd one out at school if he's never been allowed to watch it, surely.

Pruni Fri 19-Aug-05 14:52:25

Message withdrawn

nailpolish Fri 19-Aug-05 14:53:49

exactly pruni

ssd Fri 19-Aug-05 19:03:31

yep, the unbearable smugness is what gets to me.

it's like they are great and you are crap, even though their kids aren't always little angels.....

emily05 Fri 19-Aug-05 19:08:24

Chandra - she sounds awful. it sounds like she was really jealous of you.

mogwai Fri 19-Aug-05 20:42:21

I'd love to train a camera on these smug people when they are home alone with their kids.

Bet they aren't the wonder-parents they make out to be, I just wonder why they feel the need to keep up the appearance

Eaney Fri 19-Aug-05 20:56:47

We took a little boy to the cinema to see something. He sat forward in his seat clearly enjoying it. Afterwards I asked did you enjoy that, before he could answer the mum says oh no we never go to the cinema only the theatre. I then delighted in asking the boy at every opportunity 'did you enjoy.....' He kept saying yes.

Another time out with same mum and some of her anal friends i delighted in opening a can of fizzy drink cos I knew the impact it would have. You should have heard the gasps......

dinny Fri 19-Aug-05 21:04:09

but...McD's IS the devil incarnate.

oops Fri 19-Aug-05 22:56:22

Message withdrawn

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