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Birthday present ideas for my 40 yr old brother

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littlebellsmum Tue 01-Nov-11 23:29:28

Help - I'm all out of ideas. My brother turns 40 tomorrow and I need to get him a present but no one has any ideas. We normally only buy joke presents but as its a biggy, I'd like to get him something better.

So, he's 40, likes computer games, watching football and his dc's. He's a real gadget boy but tends to buy what he wants.

Need inspiration - DH has suggeted a plant which isn't a bad idea but I'm just hoping that someone on here might have a better one. I'm willing to spend up to £40

Ideas please, pretty please!

mrstiredandconfused Wed 02-Nov-11 03:04:37

How about a watch? (wrist or pocket) or a driving experience? You might be able to get a good deal now that it is nearing Xmas (silverstone can be meha bucks, try Bedford aerodrome/ brands hatch/ lesser known tracks or everyman experiences as they ate cheaper).

Nice photo album to put pics of his birthday celebrations in? Or a nice pic frame and take a pic of him/oh/dc on the day so he has something to put in it to remind him of the celebrations?

Please excuse spelling- silly o'clock and painkillers kicking in!

threefeethighandrising Wed 02-Nov-11 14:52:16

That's bizarre! I just came here to ask for advice for SIL's 40th birthday present!

I'll have a go for your brother then start my post!

Can you get him 40 of something small he likes?

How about a quality bottle of whisky / whatever he likes?


Pocket printer for pics from your mobile £40

A leatherman

Fish eye camera

Which team does he support? Have they got a shop near you?

Is any of that on the right track?

littlebellsmum Wed 02-Nov-11 23:11:35

Thanks you and thanks for the link to the website - i really like the candy grabber and might go for that.
The idea of 40 of something small that he likes also appeals - I just need to think what that might be...
I'll look at your thread now and see if I can think of something for your sil!

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