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How much does your car cost to fill up?

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charliecat Thu 18-Aug-05 20:35:59

And how long does it last you? Roughly how many miles..please!

emily05 Thu 18-Aug-05 20:36:55

will ask dh when he gets home - we have a 1.2 and I know it costs about £40 to fill up - will ask dh how many miles that does

twirlaround Thu 18-Aug-05 20:37:55

£50 lasts for two weeks not sure about the miles!

starlover Thu 18-Aug-05 20:38:05

around £40
it's a 2.0 litre
it lasts me at least 2 weeks

starlover Thu 18-Aug-05 20:39:37

in our other car (ford focus) a full tank is just over £40 and we can EASILY get to north devon (from west sussex) in it... and only have to fill up on the way home (after driving round there too)

Charlee Thu 18-Aug-05 20:40:13

about £40 its a 1.8 does about 460 miles

Hulababy Thu 18-Aug-05 20:46:53

I fill mine upevery week and it costs around £40 I think (have a Beetle). Not sure how many miles I do on it though - about £320-350 miles maybe.

DH's new Golf GTi is very similar - same size tank. If anything his car is slighly more efficient.

starlover Thu 18-Aug-05 20:48:54

an old beetle hula???????????/ i just sold mine

Hulababy Thu 18-Aug-05 21:01:37

No, 'fraid not. It's a new one. 'tis lovely though, and has a fab pink flower in the vase.

hyphenlover Thu 18-Aug-05 21:07:26

awww... cool... but not as cool as an old one! lol

Frizbe Thu 18-Aug-05 21:07:37

a month ago 30GBP now 38GBP

jessicaandbumpsmummy Thu 18-Aug-05 21:11:03

my mondeo is a 1.6 and drinks petrol... about £45 to fill up and about 300 miles.

Borrowing my dad's Hyundai 1.3, it had 1/4 of a tank when i picked it up and filled it to overflowing with £18.80 today! Dad reckons i should easily get 350 miles out of it!

misdee Thu 18-Aug-05 21:12:51

havent filled my car full yet, but £20 will do around 220-250 miles according to the onboard computer thingy.

bonkerz Thu 18-Aug-05 21:18:30

Mine takes £60 for a full tank, on a full tank we have done:

Leicester to Blackpool
Blackpool to Warrington
Warrington to Leicester
Leicester to Birmingham
Birmingham to Leicester
and also done a whole weeks worth of trips back and fourth here there and everywhere (about 60 miles) and STILL have quarter of a tank so wont need to fill up till ATLEAST next thursday and am off to coventry from leicester twice next week!!

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