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Where to buy men's trousers in larger sizes (Waist 42")?

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Maiakins Thu 18-Aug-05 17:29:23

I'm trying to find a pair of trousers for my brother who is in is late teens and put on a bit of weight recently. He is trying to lose it, but in the meantime needs some trousers to tide him over. So, they've got to be cheap. His waist size is 42" and all the trousers I've seen go up to 38". I've tried Primark and TK Maxx. Does anyone know where to get trousers for larger young men? How about H&M or Gap? Thank you!

fairydust Thu 18-Aug-05 17:31:30

not sure have you tried


happymerryberries Thu 18-Aug-05 17:40:14

There is a company called High and Mighty, that my cousin uses. Not sure if they do mail order/ how 'young' they are

octavia Thu 18-Aug-05 18:52:38

Asda(George) mens trousers go up to 44 inch waist, If they are out of stock they will order them for you .M&S trousers go up to a 46 as well and they have a better choice. Littlewoods also go up to a 48 (limited choice) and are good value. High & mighty are brilliant but expensive for everyday wear. There is a company called JD williams that do mail order, but although the sizes are good the styles are not a good fit on some people, it depends on the shape of your body iyswim !I don't know if you are near Reading at all but they have a shop called Jacksons that stock larger sizes but again on the expensive side

Maiakins Thu 18-Aug-05 20:10:35

Oh goodness, I was in Reading yesterday! I should have looked in Jacksons! For some reason, I still think ... school uniforms! Thanks for your tips.

Hausfrau Thu 18-Aug-05 20:23:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

compo Thu 18-Aug-05 20:23:39

M&S everytime

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