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Is their a plural for the world 'phoenix'?

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EnidfromtheVILLAGE Thu 18-Aug-05 13:08:51

I have a kids art workshop entitled:

Fire and Phoenix

but think it should be Fires and 'Phoenixes' whatever the plural is

CountessDracula Thu 18-Aug-05 13:09:08

here you go

Carmenere Thu 18-Aug-05 13:20:20

Phoeni makes sense in my head but that's hardly a reccommendation

MaloryTowers Thu 18-Aug-05 13:47:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EnidfromtheVILLAGE Thu 18-Aug-05 13:48:36

I have called it

Fire and The Phoenix

Twiglett Thu 18-Aug-05 13:49:55

there should not be a plural for phoenix as mythically only one is ever supposed to exist at a time (unless you read terry pratchett of course )

agree .. Fire and the Phoenix seems to solve it

Pruni Thu 18-Aug-05 13:50:28

Message withdrawn

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