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Does anyone know anything about Camberley???

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Carameli Tue 16-Aug-05 16:44:55

I have to go to Camberley tomorrow to drop off some docs to do some supply teaching in the new term.
Anyway, I was going to be meeting my mum at some point tomorrow and wondered what the shops(my mother is looking for a big M&S) were like and if there are any nice parks that we could also go to between there and heading back to Richmond?

any ideas welcome??

macwoozy Tue 16-Aug-05 17:25:52

I'm a few miles from Camberley, but not been shopping in Camberely for eons. If its a M&S you're after, then there's a big store about a mile from Camberely called Blackwater, next to Tescos.

macwoozy Tue 16-Aug-05 17:27:24

Sorry - can't even spell Camberley right.

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