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swiperfox Tue 16-Aug-05 11:31:21

I have a pair of maternity jeans from the catalogue and no jeans at all that I can wear. These are way too big - so, can i take them into the shop and exchange them even though they are from the catalogue?

SueW Tue 16-Aug-05 11:43:00


swiperfox Tue 16-Aug-05 11:44:48

Brill thanks

ninah Tue 16-Aug-05 12:03:55

I am so take it back and SHOUT 'I want to return these they are TOO BIG!!'

SueW Tue 16-Aug-05 12:06:41

I never buy Next stuff from the shops but always order 2-3 sizes of each garment from the catalogue. I always take the stuff back to the shop though as arranging to be in when a courier calls to collect is more difficult.

I'm a bit peeved with next dir at the mo though. I want some brown linen trousers. They were sold out in the summer directory almost immediately. They are now in the winter directory and sold out there too. How can they be sold out in a NEW directory? PAH!

swiperfox Tue 16-Aug-05 15:31:13

Well, I went all the way into town and the flippin' shop didn't have any maternity stuff!!!!! I actually wore them to take dd for her jabs this morning as i had no trousers to wear and the were falling off all the way home - so embarrassing!! I'd love to know how next work out their sizings - these maternity jeans are meant to be a 14 and they're like clowns trousers!!!

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