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who invented leg waxing argggggggggh!

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AlmostAnAngel Tue 16-Aug-05 06:50:47

had my first leg wax yesterday argggggggggh thats nasty i nearly bit my finger off! i was biting on the knuckle so hard ow!
give me a bic any time

pinkmamma Tue 16-Aug-05 08:29:12

the first time is always worst, honest! you will find pain gets less and less, i have been having it done about 13 years and i find it quite relaxing now (except bikini line ouch!)

Littlefish Tue 16-Aug-05 08:46:02

I agree with Pinkmamma. I've been having my legs and underarms waxed for about 18 years now. I have them done about every 6 weeks now because the leg hairs are geting sparser and sparser. I was told not to have a waxing done just before your period as it can be more painful. Also, I was told that if you take an asprin an hour before waxing, it doesn't hurt as much. (Underarms are always quite painful though, and I still haven't managed to pluck up the courage to have a bikini wax!!)

I can't bear the feeling of shaving. I was really bad at it, and always ended up wandering around for days afterwards with bits of loo paper stuck on bloody cuts and scrapes on my ankles .

jessicaandbumpsmummy Tue 16-Aug-05 08:53:25

buy Veet wax strips - fantastic and dont hurt!!!

MaloryTowers Tue 16-Aug-05 09:17:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

expatinscotland Tue 16-Aug-05 09:20:48

Next time go the chemist beforehand and pick up some Emla. Apply about an hour before your waxing appointment.

GeorginaA Tue 16-Aug-05 14:29:47

LOL, just had my first wax today. Found the bikini line okay though - it was the back bottom part of my legs (near the ankles) that were really sensitive for me.

dropinthe Tue 16-Aug-05 14:31:39

I once had my bikini line waxed about a week before my second son was due-OMG-I don't know how the poor girl managed to get both sides done-the pain was HORRIFIC!
NEVER- wax when pregnant or due on!

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