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how to remove hair dye from your skin - help

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cleverclogs Mon 15-Aug-05 23:11:33

Dyed my hair this evening (time to get rid of the grey bits!) but managed to get it all over my arms too!

Tried soap and shampoo but still there.

Any ideas? I might have to apply loads of fake tan to cover it up

Aimsmum Mon 15-Aug-05 23:14:18

Message withdrawn

cleverclogs Mon 15-Aug-05 23:15:31

think i might have some somewhere, thanks aimsmum!

serah Mon 15-Aug-05 23:52:37

erm, I have to confess to having resorted to using watered down bleach on a cotton wool pad to remove such stains before now. Even though I have sensitive skin, the amount of time its on there didn't affect my skin adversely (more than a liberal dose of aquaeous cream righted anyway)

Will be trying Ainsmums suggestion next time though. Probably has more chemicals, but just not as nasty!! (Although it has to be said, I couldn't have really left the house to purchase nailpolish remover when I needed to use the bleach )

serenity Tue 16-Aug-05 00:01:12

Baby wipes.......I have to admit to using bleach as well, but not for a long time, it takes ages for the smell to go from your skin.

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