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Swimming pool ...."I'm furious"

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Spongebob Mon 15-Aug-05 22:02:29

Hi guys

Today we took DS to a parent and baby swim session at Wadurs swimming pool in Shoreham. Having previously phoned them a week ago to check the pool temp was ok (was told it was 84F) I was happy to take him along. On arriving, we paid and changed but before getting into the pool, one of the pool-side staff told me I might want to check the water temp before putting baby in as it had been recently lowered. Whilst testing it (it was freezing) several people were getting out complaining that it was far too cold... we went back in and got dressed and asked for our money back.. and were flatly refused by a smirking idiot who told us that the pool temp had been lowered to 80F and it was within guidelines etc...I tried to argue that maybe that was so for adults, but certainly not for babies, and had we been told this or seen a notice about this, we wouldn't have paid and gone in. Also a poor disabled man was complaining that he had paid for a months worth of hydro-therapy sessions, but now could not move his hip after being in such cold water. He was also refused a refund. I asked to see the manager, who was on holiday, so no joy there. Do you think I should get my money back?

hunkermunker Mon 15-Aug-05 22:05:18


Twiglett Mon 15-Aug-05 22:07:38

yes ..put it in writing

QueenOfQuotes Mon 15-Aug-05 22:08:45

Yes definitely.

Blu Mon 15-Aug-05 22:11:06

You were sold a ticket on the understanding you were being sold a swim in a pool with 84 degrees, and were given something different.
the disabled man should also complain in writing - and copy all your letters to the council Director of leisure - or whatever relevant dept.

Tortington Mon 15-Aug-05 22:11:40


Spongebob Mon 15-Aug-05 22:15:04

I phoned up the council for that area and they said that the pool had been taken over by a private company and to take it up with their manager! So will put it in writing and see what happens. Was told by the smirking pratt on reception though that its agains the co. policy to give refunds.

basketcase Mon 15-Aug-05 22:22:11

oh yes. Outrageous - write a firm letter.
Our local pool has a lovely separate babies pool. Unfortunately we had a bad trip for a variety of reasons. Anyway, we complained big time to the duty manager and were given massive apology and 7 free family swim session tickets free. I feel you were fobbed off when told the manager was away. Surely they have an acting duty manager who should have dealt with this at the time?

Kelly1978 Mon 15-Aug-05 22:25:11

blu is right. It is a breach of contract - you are entitled to a full refund under consumer rights laws.

Spongebob Mon 15-Aug-05 22:25:38

Its peed me off so much today. It was pointless trying to get any sense out of the staff that were there...they just found the whole thing funny. There was an assistant manager but he wwas useless and just said there was nothing he could do, it was the new company policy etc etc bullshit and so on...

pixel Mon 15-Aug-05 23:34:42

We usually use the King Alfred, partly out of habit as it was on our doorstep and partly because ds has a compass card and we get in free. I was just thinking the other day that now we have moved I should try Wadurs (which is now in walking distance)rather than drive into Hove when ds is not with me. I don't think I'll bother now if that is their attitude, so they've lost another customer!

I agree you should get a refund because it was not your fault you were misled after taking the trouble to phone.

oops Tue 16-Aug-05 00:05:22

Message withdrawn

Tortington Tue 16-Aug-05 16:56:08

ask for a copy of their complaints policy and inform them that you are seeking legal advice ( even if you arn't) because your sister ( the imaginary lawyer) tells you that your consumer rights have been affected.

Trifle Tue 16-Aug-05 17:50:30

The childrens pool at our leisure centre is heated to between 90 - 92 degrees and to be honest feels bloody freezing when you first get in. A lot of it is to do with the outside temperature and it is not always possible to guarantee an exact temperature as it can easily fluctuate due to outside influences such as time of day, filtration system, the pool being topped up during the day etc. To be honest it would be virtually impossible to tell the difference between a pool that was 84 degrees and one that is 80 and even if it had been at the temperature you were previously told you may well have found it too cold anyway. Personally I dont think you have a leg to stand on and I really dont think our leisure centre would be inclined to refund if say the temperature dropped to 89 degrees.

Spongebob Tue 16-Aug-05 21:16:26

believe me, you can tell the difference! Me and several other people could.

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