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Girls' Annuals from the 70's - How To Sell?

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Judd Mon 15-Aug-05 20:39:05

I have got oodles of Girls' annuals from the 1970's and 1908's that belong to my sister and I - complete sets from that "era" of Mandy, Bunty, Judy, Twinkle etc. I have a 3yo DD (and a son) and my sister has 2 little boys....therefore they would only be read in the future by DD. I'm coming to the conclusion that she probably wouldn't even enjoy them that much as they are going to be SO old fashioned and out of touch with her world (and she will have all my Malory Towers, Famous Five, Noel Streatfield to wade through!)
I'd ideally like to sell them to a reputable book dealer, and was wondering if anybody has any contacts (in the Manchester area preferably).
Thanks for your help!

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