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Is there a way of cleaning high up windows?

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spidermama Mon 15-Aug-05 16:29:26

The people who lived here before us painted the sash windows closed. Cheers! It means I can't clean them on the outside and I can't afford and man with a ladder.

Any tips anyone?

donnie Mon 15-Aug-05 16:34:54

you can buy extendable rods with cloths attached but not sure where from.Could you borrow a ladder from someone?

SaintGeorge Mon 15-Aug-05 16:36:00

You can get squeegee type cleaners that extend.

Betterware do one. Hang on, will look how much it costs.

NoPearls Mon 15-Aug-05 16:39:02

Beware the squeegee on a pole - I got one and it was pants! It lets you splosh water on the high windows but you have no control at all when it comes to the squeegeeing off.

SaintGeorge Mon 15-Aug-05 16:39:53


Item 15023 £19.99 or item 31110 also £19.99 (but the head on that one bends so you can do conservatory roofs as well).

trace2 Mon 15-Aug-05 16:41:13

i bought a cheep one of market because didnt want to pay £19.99 now i wish i did because first time i used it, it broke so now its going to cost more

spidermama Mon 15-Aug-05 16:42:12

Thanks so much St.G. I'll give it a go. Perhaps if it works out for me I could even go into business in the nighbourhood.

Nopearls .... It sounds like I need to stand well back and wear my worst clothes. (Shouldn't be hard. I have a wardrobe full of horror!)

spidermama Mon 15-Aug-05 16:43:09

Ah Trace. I myself am no stranger to false economy. Irritating isn't it?

SaintGeorge Mon 15-Aug-05 16:43:39

Not used the Betterware one (make DH lean out of windows) but have sold loads. Guaranteed for 12 months so if it breaks you can exchange or get your money back.

trace2 Mon 15-Aug-05 16:45:16

yes and paid £10 though i got a bargin

SaintGeorge Mon 15-Aug-05 16:47:29

If you ring your order through, ask for item no 19784 as well. Free mystery gift worth upto £4.99, valid until 10/9. Don't think you can use it on the website, but if you phone you can fib and say you saw the leaflet.

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