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Freeview through sky box?

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BibiTwo Mon 15-Aug-05 15:08:24

A friend told me that even though she can't get Freeview in ehr area yet. She's going to cancel her Sky subscription and get the freeview channels through her digibox. Does this work? She hasn't done it yet so I can't ask her - wondering if any mumsnetters knew the answer.


LIZS Mon 15-Aug-05 15:29:26

I think you can still receive the non subscription channels via a satellite dish/digibox but without an active Sky card. The channels may differ slightly to a Freeview package though.

SaintGeorge Mon 15-Aug-05 15:35:59

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LIZS Mon 15-Aug-05 15:37:05

ooh yes it was , thank you !

phatcat Mon 15-Aug-05 15:37:11

Yes - I've got this setup as we are in a non Freeview area. Just had to pay for the digibox - no monthly subs. We can't get CH4, CH5 or the ITV channels through it though (don't know if these are normally part of Freeview?)

SaintGeorge Mon 15-Aug-05 15:40:42

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