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A joint birthday party for my 6 year old and 3 year old dds?

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Enid Mon 15-Aug-05 12:51:18



dd1 will be 6 on Dec 20 and NEVER gets a proper party as everyone is away at that time of year.

dd2 will be 3 in October and wants a full on princess party.

I feel so guilty doing a great bash for her and never for dd1 that I thought I could have an extravanganza in October for both of them?

Hmmmm what do you think?

katierocket Mon 15-Aug-05 12:52:45

yes I think so Enid. Would be good fun I think.

flashingnose Mon 15-Aug-05 12:54:53

Hmm, I wouldn't personally as I think they each deserve their own. Ds's Birthday is in December and I've always just left his party until school's back in January (there's so much else going on that he's never been bothered) - I can then give it my full attention IYSWIM.

clary Mon 15-Aug-05 13:01:02

enid my ds1 and dd’s b/days are 4 days apart, this yr they were 6 and 4 and I had a big party in a church hall.
Hired a clown who said she was happy to do her stuff for 35 children!
Invited ds1’s schoolmates, dd’s nursery mates, other friends plus a few littlies for ds2 (2). I counted 33 children but a friend made it 32 9they will keep moving about!)
It was great, clown did an hour of magic and games, we took all our outdoor toys (trampoline, pop-up tunnels, fold-up scooters were the most popular) and did loads of food on a big buffet table. TBH I probably didn’t do that much more food than I would’ve for a 15-strong party and it was fine.
There are two main probs with a joint party, one is the numbers, as you want to invite dd’s best pal and therefore, as it’s a joint do, you have to ask her older brother too (which you otherwise might not have done just for ds IYSWIM). So the numbers do balloon. But that’s fine if you hire a hall and have some adult help. The only other thing was the party bags - gettign cake into them proved a mammoth task and I wasn’t really able to say bye to anyone but if you do a second cake and cut it up in advance (great MN tip) then that prob is sorted too.
The second main prob is finding entertainment/activities suitable for both age groups. Our clown was fab tho I find here you need to book well in advance. How about a disco, princess/pirate fancy dress optional?

puddle Mon 15-Aug-05 13:01:09

It depends what type of party you want. My two are the same age as yours and I wouldn't attempt it because it would be very hard to co-ordinate the activities and games for each set of friends. They are only just getting the idea of party games at 3 IMO (and you'll have a fair few two year olds there too I would imagine?) But if it's a free for all bouncy castle and running round, no games type of party I think it would work.

You could always do your older dd's party a bit earlier than her birthday - to co-ordinate with the end of the Xmas term before everyone heads off?

ninah Mon 15-Aug-05 13:07:00

I would think it's a great idea
Maybe you could take dd1 to cinema or something with a good friend on the day itself
My second is due 25th Dec so I will have having similar dilemmas!

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