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organic fruit/veg boxes... give me some websites!

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starlover Sun 14-Aug-05 21:57:43

just comparing. or trying to
got abel and cole.
i know there is one called riverside but can't find the website

any others?

starlover Sun 14-Aug-05 21:58:12

oh i just found it
because it's riverford not riverside! duhh!

jambutty Sun 14-Aug-05 22:01:27

The soil association ( has listings by region of box schemes, farm shops and so on.

starlover Sun 14-Aug-05 22:04:17

ooh thanks jambutty

Jimjams Sun 14-Aug-05 22:04:25

We use riverford now. When in Londoon we used??? Farm around????? They had lots of riverford products anyway.

starlover Sun 14-Aug-05 22:09:43

jimjams i am comparing riverford with abel and cole and they scare me

i have no idea what swiss chard or green batavia are!!!!

Jimjams Sun 14-Aug-05 22:14:52

riverford send a list of what's in the box, together with one recipe suggestion each week. It helps a bit.

louli Sun 14-Aug-05 22:15:32

Riverford have been really good in our experience.

starlover Sun 14-Aug-05 22:15:55

hmmm decisions decisions!

goosey Sun 14-Aug-05 22:16:47

Another vote for Riverford. Lovely cider too!!

starlover Sun 14-Aug-05 22:18:14

ooh, well i was leaning towards abel and cole because they're cheaper (i think)... but recommendations for riverford...
and cider... that's a clincher

IlanaK Sun 14-Aug-05 22:29:10

I use Abel and Cole and have found them very good. I have no experience of Riverford though.

jennifersofia Mon 15-Aug-05 18:27:14

We used Abel and Cole during two different periods - 1st time to get their weekly veg boxes. Did like it but decided I wanted to chose my own veg so stopped, then used them later for organic milk - this was very handy to not have to lug milk home but I found that my children didn´t like the creamy bits that came to the top (despite me telling them that this is what real milk is like!). I can´t fault their service, always quick and helpful and very friendly. We did it all via the website, which is well designed and easy to navigate. Also easy to start and stop.

FrenchGirl Mon 15-Aug-05 18:28:42

love my riverford boxes!!!

geogteach Mon 15-Aug-05 18:56:16

Riverford here too, have friends who use greener greens if you want another one for comparison

hercules Mon 15-Aug-05 18:57:40

What's the difference using these companies or buying organic from supermarket?

piffle Mon 15-Aug-05 18:59:44

supermarket organic is usually from overseas, organic from local suppliers is local therefore seasonal - better for you, your community...

piffle Mon 15-Aug-05 19:00:22

in Lincs we use woodlands farm they also do superb lamb and beef too

merglemergle Mon 15-Aug-05 19:29:50

riverford generally ok but be warned:-

1. produce MUST go in fridge otherwise it goes off fast. milk goes off reaaly fast.

2. they are rubbish at refunds etc

3. you get real food gluts. right now i have 3 marrows and loads of beetroot staring at me.

but they sell cotons chocolate which is LOVELY.

starlover Mon 15-Aug-05 20:37:37

well i always keep my veg in fridge anyway, so that's not a problem.

i am leaning towards abel and cole because they seem to put more "normal" things in their boxes! no mention of swiss chard or green batavia from them!!! lol

geogteach Tue 16-Aug-05 09:07:50

Green batavia is just a variety of lettuce and chard tastes quite like spinach so don't let that put you off! I keep alot of my riverford stuff in the garage and it lasts well.

piffle Tue 16-Aug-05 09:13:59

swiss chard is awesome stuff, in NZ they call it silver beet and it is so nutrient dense, makes spinach look like a takeaway
Lightly steam, butter and nutmeg
ummm yummm

MascaraOHara Tue 16-Aug-05 09:15:04

I've just registered with 'whyorganic' to search for organic boxes in my area but I can't seem to see all the pages. Has anyone else had problems?

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