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One boob bigger than other and fed up

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Baba Wed 16-Jul-03 13:43:17

I know we all have one boob bigger than the other but does anyone else have one that is OBVIOUSLY bigger than the other.

I breastfeed ds for 5 months and he is now 13 months old. Now my boobs look a bit saggy which I can deal with - however one looks a LOT saggier than the other and bigger too.

I am so uncomfortable in bras and one boob fits but the other doesn't.

I refuse to have cosmetic surgery but does anyone know if you can buy a bra that is say, a 36c on one side and a 38c on the other.


SamboM Wed 16-Jul-03 13:56:03

Sounds like you need different cup sizes - the 36 or 38 is the measurement round your back! seem to make custom bras they may help you

Baba Wed 16-Jul-03 13:57:41

However, do feel slightly better after opening a copy of Heat magazine and seeing a picture of Donatella's boobs which have gone completely south and off to Australia!!

ooops, forgot that she is about 60 and I am only 35.... oh well...

Jimjams Wed 16-Jul-03 14:02:32

Yep- did after ds1- he was bfed for 13 months and would only feed from right hand side- you can imagine!!! Luckily ds2 has evened it up a bit, although it remains to be seen what happens when I stop bfeeding.

Baba Wed 16-Jul-03 14:06:14

i did that as well - I breastfed from both and then from my left because it felt more comfortable and that one wasn't as droopy as the other one was..... then I was left with one boob filled with milk and the other was just, a whizzened piece of skin!!!

God knows what will happen next time!!
Don't you just envy people with perky boobs who can wear those little tops without a bra!!!


Queenie Wed 16-Jul-03 14:48:08

Me me me!! You're all talking about me - one is now an A cup the other a C cup. Ds is still feeding from the right one (the C cup) twice a day and the left one is so obviously smaller it's laughable. He is nearly 10 months and I hope to stop b/f by 12 months maximum. Trouble is all those summer tops with straps look ridiculous. I want surgery but without the pain and possible side effects of silicone poisoning and exploding boobs on planes and also I need it cheap!!

pie Wed 16-Jul-03 16:10:43

Just had to say the title of the thread made me the bigger boob was fed up.

I'll get my coat.

Baba Wed 16-Jul-03 16:12:35

ha ha that made me laugh - actually my right boob is fed up - it keeps popping out of my bra, trying to escape from this hellhole I call work!!!

It wants to go and sun itself in private!

catyc Thu 17-Jul-03 10:36:54

Me too! One fairly normal boob, and what feels like one flap of skin. I notice it when I wear tight t-shirts, but hope other people don't. Apparently (dp says) they were already a bit like this before I had my son.

Harrysmum Thu 17-Jul-03 12:20:20

Me too! One a full cup size bigger than the other. The ladies in the measuring depts always shake their heads and make me feel most odd. Evening things up through b/f didn't work! Worst moment was being measured for wedding undies and them saying they couldn't find anything (but they did and it was fine).

M2T Thu 17-Jul-03 12:23:06

I have one MUCH saggier than the other... gets me down too.

Ness73 Thu 17-Jul-03 12:23:13

Oh me too!!! So glad to see this thread! Bought a lot of snazzy bras after stopping breastfeeding and now pissed off as one boob is bursting out of its cup. I would say one's a b and one's a c!! Very annoying Might check out that website SamboM mentioned.

Also found it a hassle when breastfeeding. The big one would almost drown dd in milk!!

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