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Stupid inane things that people say...

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Pruni Sun 14-Aug-05 14:13:44

Message withdrawn

Pruni Sun 14-Aug-05 14:14:24

Message withdrawn

Blackduck Sun 14-Aug-05 14:15:41

@i just want to share this with you' when they are about to tell you what to do...had a boss who used this phrase all the time on the basis it was more 'friendly' used to make me want to scream...

MarsLady Sun 14-Aug-05 14:15:48

are you reading that paper that you are sitting on?

are they twins?

do twins run in your family?

omg, how did you know it was gonna be twins?

are you mad having twins?

ad nauseum............

MrsBubsDeVere Sun 14-Aug-05 14:15:58

One thing that gets me, is, if you are eating something, someone says

'Is that nice'

Err no, that's why i'm stuffing my face with it soft lad.

MrsBubsDeVere Sun 14-Aug-05 14:17:04

Oh and if you are sat in the pub someone comes up and says

'is this seat taken'

of it was, it wouldn't still be here fgs

Pruni Sun 14-Aug-05 14:18:11

Message withdrawn

loobywoof Sun 14-Aug-05 14:18:42

similar to the food one - when you are going on holiday "Are you going anywhere nice?" No. Going to somewhere nasty just for fun.

edgetop Sun 14-Aug-05 15:14:31

when you are on your own and someone says smile it might never happen,someone said that to me just after my dad died .

Tortington Sun 14-Aug-05 15:16:18

on seeing boy and girl twins saying " are they identicle"

its soooooooooooooo hard not to be sarcastic. then i find myself trying to save their embarrasment at their not thought through comment.

Jimjams Sun 14-Aug-05 15:16:45

"oh he'll soon catch up'

No he bloody won't, he's severely disabled and needs a lifetime of care. So bugger off please.

expatinscotland Sun 14-Aug-05 15:17:13

'Just when you're not looking, you'll find it.'

Oh yeah, does that apply to money and great jobs, too? FFS, that's the BIGGEST load of tosh I've ever heard.

Right along with, 'If you just relax you'll get pregnant.' Then how come rape victims, women going through famine and/or war still fall pregnant? 'Just relaxing' doesn't cure cancer, how can it cure a medical condition known as infertility?

expatinscotland Sun 14-Aug-05 15:18:00

AMEN, Jimjams! 'They all get their in the end'. Uh huh. Get where? Some get to uni, others get to the dole queue, still others get to heroin. Piss off!

Tortington Sun 14-Aug-05 15:18:38

when you ask if the seats taken - and you ask nice and politley and the smartarse bastard says " i can't see anyone sitting on it"

when you work in a big place or a factory and you go into the cafeteria and you sit down on your first day nervously and someone says "thats caths chair" and you have to move

expatinscotland Sun 14-Aug-05 15:19:55

'That's Cath's chair'. Yeah, well I don't see her arse in it. Finders, keepers!

bran Sun 14-Aug-05 15:33:24

"You'll probably get pregnant as soon as you've adopted/I know someone who adopted and then got pregnant", sometimes even followed up with "It would be nice for you to have one of your own".

ThePrisoner Sun 14-Aug-05 22:40:37

As a childminder out with several children of various racial backgrounds, man said in a very nasty way "you can tell they've all got different fathers ..." implying that I obviously get around a lot! (Can't write my reply coz I'd get kicked out and OFSTED wouldn't like me either!).

MistressMary Sun 14-Aug-05 22:47:32

Is this seat taken? Yes with your bottom,no doubt.
Going anywhere nice? No,somewhere horrible.
Your growing your hair. Yep you are doing the same funnily enough and I'm growing my nails too.
Not being funny but.... I will anyhow.
Could not say nothing.... No?
Is he between feeds?? We all are aren't we?

jayzmummy Sun 14-Aug-05 22:52:39

"He'll grow out of it"
"It wont affect him as much when he's an adult" JJ's DS my DS has a life long disability that will not just disappear over night!!!!

morocco Sun 14-Aug-05 22:52:53

'I know someone who had that once and they got better after a week and never had it again'

oh - eff off

sparklymieow Sun 14-Aug-05 22:54:42

Are they twins?? When I had dd1 and dd2 in a double buggy, well there is 15 months between them, and that one is a newborn!!!!

sparklymieow Sun 14-Aug-05 22:55:31

oh and 'will he get better??' Oh yes they can cure brain damage.......

Miaou Sun 14-Aug-05 23:20:05

When pg with my third, after two dds, "are you trying for a boy?"

Once ds was born, "ah, you got your boy then" - no, I had a baby that just happens to be a boy

expatinscotland Sun 14-Aug-05 23:21:13

LOL, sparkly, i can relate! see Jimjams 'he'll catch up' and my 'they all get there in the end' further down the thread.

morocco Sun 14-Aug-05 23:22:30

yup, know that 'are they twins' one - 17 months between mine and right from the start . . .
so what were they thinking exactly? that lardy arse twin there needs a bit less food, give it to the other poor wee mite ??

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