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Markets in or around London

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ChaCha Sun 14-Aug-05 11:43:22

Can anyone tell me where i can find a good Sunday market in or around London - Hounslow, Slough etc..
I would also ask that someone recommend a good place for fruit and veg and perhaps a cash and carry???

ChaCha Sun 14-Aug-05 11:46:47

bumpety bump...

loulabelle222 Sun 14-Aug-05 17:00:27

Northm Weald market in essex (harlow) on a saturday and every bank holiday monday is brilliant

Twiglett Sun 14-Aug-05 17:02:31

bermondsey for food

hazlinh Mon 15-Aug-05 06:02:26

northend market is on everyday i think.pretty good fruit and veg ...and some poundstores as all your regular shops like whsmith, mothercare etc

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