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Buying a house and making offers

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lewislewis Sun 14-Aug-05 11:11:23

We went to see a house yesterday, as we were about to be shown round, the estate agent or "negotiator" told us that they had recieved an offer (and told us the amount) for it which was below the asking price and that they had not told the owner yet, as they were not sure how serious the person making the offer was. I wondered if it is normal to show new people a house after an offer has been made. I am not from the UK, so this is all new to me, and very very stressfull.

Hulababy Sun 14-Aug-05 11:13:24

es, quite normal at least until an offer has been accepted by the sellers. Even after an offer has been accepted you can still allow more viewers if you wish, although this is much less common.

bubblerock Sun 14-Aug-05 11:17:12

They don't usually tell you how much the other offer is though! Quite surprised at this tbh!

Hulababy Sun 14-Aug-05 11:18:09

We were always told how much the other offer was, unless it went to sealed bids at the end. Both agents and sellers were willing to tell us.

blondehelen Sun 14-Aug-05 11:18:39

We were told about the previous offer they had refused. But to be honest I really wouldn't take much notice as the agent is just trying to squeeze max money out of you. Make an offer on what you think it is worth. Go onto a property website and compare to other houses in the area.

Hulababy Sun 14-Aug-05 11:20:14

Use this website here to see how mcuh houses in same street/area went for recently.

lewislewis Sun 14-Aug-05 11:27:37

Thanks, i really dislike estate agents (sorry i do not mean to offend anyone), but they do go a bit far. One of them wanted to sit with me to give me mortgage advice even before we viewed any of his houses.

lewislewis Sun 14-Aug-05 11:45:49

Another question: i have read that in the current climate sellers are expecting offers 5 and even 10% below the asking price - what do you think? i am thinking of putting an offer for a house that will require a lot of work (all the ceilings are textured, and the wallpapers...well let's say that I thought I had dropped an acid when I went into the house, and also a new kitchen and bathroom...).

lewislewis Sun 14-Aug-05 14:43:22

bump anywone

littlerach Sun 14-Aug-05 14:44:49

You can always up youroffer, you're in a good position as you know what has been offered alreday.

beetroot Sun 14-Aug-05 14:49:18

Message withdrawn

beetroot Sun 14-Aug-05 14:49:57

Message withdrawn

Prufrock Sun 14-Aug-05 15:22:42

It's actually illegal for them not to pass on to the vendors any offer that has been made to them. I doubt very much taht this is true as no estate agent would be stupid enough to break the law on such a fundamental thing. It was probably said to put pressure on you.
However it is normal to keep a house on the market even after offers have been made.

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