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mears has a new job and will be off Christmas and New Year

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mears Sat 13-Aug-05 15:34:39

I am so excited at the prosect of working 9-5, no nights and weekends off just had to post. I will also be off both Christmas and New Year for the first time since 1983

My kids are looking forward to it as is DH. He will still be working shifts but usually when he was off I was working at weekends and festive season.

How will I cope

Pruni Sat 13-Aug-05 15:35:59

Message withdrawn

snafu Sat 13-Aug-05 15:35:59

Congratulations Mears

What's the new job? And can I get one like that?!

mears Sat 13-Aug-05 15:49:47

I will still be a midwife but I will be involved in looking at the management of clinical risk. So that means looking at ways of improving the service to mums and babies. It is a secondment for a year or so.

mears Sun 14-Aug-05 17:13:26

Guess I am the only one excited

hunkermunker Sun 14-Aug-05 17:16:48

Fantastic! That's so lovely!

Sure you don't want to come and stay with me after New Year and be my midwife? Go on!

edam Sun 14-Aug-05 17:17:20

You so deserve this, Mears, have done more than your fair share. Bet you'll miss it though.

HuggyBear Sun 14-Aug-05 17:18:07

Congratulations Mears!!!!

(i was born in 1983 by the way..... )

MrsGordonRamsay Sun 14-Aug-05 17:18:56

Oh well earned, and well done

mears Sun 14-Aug-05 17:20:04

Now I feel old

I was touched today by the number of my colleagues who said they wished I wasn't going. It is nice to be appreciated. I only hope I like my new role. At least I know I have my job to go back to if it gets too much.

SaintGeorge Sun 14-Aug-05 17:20:25

Congratulations Mears

Cooperoo Sun 14-Aug-05 17:21:04

Congratulations. Enjoy it!!

Twiglett Sun 14-Aug-05 17:23:39


(do you still get to deliver babies??)

hunkermunker Sun 14-Aug-05 17:26:53

If she comes to London in early 2006, she can deliver mine!

Sorry, Mears - I'm only kidding - am very happy you have this new role - being off over the festive period is wonderful (I had to get pregnant to manage that this year btw!)

nikcola Sun 14-Aug-05 17:28:13

well done hun xxx

Eugenius Sun 14-Aug-05 17:29:36

Congratulations mears - great news for all the family

mears Sun 14-Aug-05 17:30:02

No more delivering babies for me - except for friend who I am going to look after in December. Sh eis lined up for waterbirth number 3

tabitha Sun 14-Aug-05 17:42:03

Great news, mears Many congratlations.
Do you think you will miss delivering babies?

mears Sun 14-Aug-05 17:44:55

I probably will miss being in the delivery room but this new job should improve the care we give. It is only for 12-18 months then I will be back. I will probably arrange days to work clinically so i do not lose my 'skills'. Mumsnet will keep me informed as well

tabitha Sun 14-Aug-05 17:46:46

sounds good

Prufrock Sun 14-Aug-05 17:47:50

Congratulations mears. Whilst the women whose babies you would have delivered will be losing out, a wise head such as yours willbe able to do so much more to improve midwifery services whilst in a management role.

moondog Sun 14-Aug-05 18:38:28

A loss to women delivering babies but a gain for society as a whole. You'll do a fantastic job!
(Is your RL fanclub as big as your MN one??)

Have you finished your MA/MSc btw??

katierocket Sun 14-Aug-05 18:42:37

oh mears when I saw this I was worried you'd given up being a midwife <phew> there aren't enough good ones as it is.

champs Mon 15-Aug-05 01:20:02


hub2dee Mon 15-Aug-05 02:06:08

Tee hee. Sounds like 20 years of knackering (rewarding, yes, but knackering) work !


Are you planning a suitably cheery Christmas name, LOL ?

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