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Oh my god what have I done?

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breeze Tue 15-Jul-03 17:29:09

I just want to hear that I am normal and some of you out there have done something similar.

My ds aged 3.5.

Today has been really hectic and I have been rushing around like a blue arse fly, and one of the things I had to do was cut DS hair, as he was so hot last night that it got really sweaty and thought that would help him.

When I said cut ds hair I mean use the clippers. I always use grade 5 of my son. I got him all in position about to put the grade 5 attachement on when the phone rang, (saleman ahhh) in the meantime ds was getting bored and started creating, I rushed back to him and before I knew what was happening I had run the clipper up the back of his head without any attachment on it , it would have looked stupid to cut his hair as normal with a stripe up the back, so I had no option to shave my gorgeous sons hair off . So now I have a bald headed son. It doesn't look hidious as he has a lovely face, but I just feel awful.

DS loves it because thats how his daddy has it, but I know I will get so much grief from within the family for cutting my sons lovely hair.

I feel so guilty that I was rushing about so much, and there was the bloody attachment, right next to the phone.

Feeling really guilty and low

Enid Tue 15-Jul-03 17:32:40

Wow, you are hard on yourself breeze

It will soon grow, he loves it, your husband will probably love it and when you feel a bit better about it it makes a very funny story

doormat Tue 15-Jul-03 17:33:56

I did the exact same thing a couple of months ago yto my 2yo ds. He knocked the attachment off as I was giving him a no2. He looked cute though. Hey it grows back.

SoupDragon Tue 15-Jul-03 17:41:48

Breeze, I'm so sorry but I'm sniggering to myself! This is one of those things that you WILL look back on and laugh, especially if you take a photo

It *will* grow back as everyone else has said.

I have bought clippers to cut DSs' hair but have so far been too cowardly to try it - I went back to my trusty scissors instead.

janh Tue 15-Jul-03 17:49:00

Also it will be cooler than hair! (Make sure you put sunscreen on it though if it's actually bald!)
Plus hair grows really fast in the summer, he'll have a no 2 before you know it.

Bloody salesmen.

breeze Tue 15-Jul-03 17:50:23

Message withdrawn

ThomCat Tue 15-Jul-03 17:55:04

Ahh Breeze - it's no thing man, don't stress and feel bad. I thought you were going to say he got hold of the clippers and there was a nasty accident. It'll grow back in a flash. Personaly I think you should take loads of pics and look back and laugh at it. Bet he's still handsome and at least he'll be cool tonight. no need to feel guilty or low, you were being a great mum to be thinking about how to cool him down, so his hair is shorter than it should have been , that ain't no thing.

breeze Tue 15-Jul-03 18:05:07

Ok I am getting used to it now, except the face that he has a brown face and white head, he looks like a pint of guinness.

whymummy Tue 15-Jul-03 18:12:17

LOL breeze,i did the same to ds when he was 3,dh hated me for it but everyone said how his big brown eyes stood out even more and that he looked really cute,it does grow really quick and a lot stronger

tinyfeet Tue 15-Jul-03 18:16:15

LOL, Breeze. I think bald headed boys in the summer look lovely!

judetheobscure Tue 15-Jul-03 20:16:46

Your only worry now, breeze, is persuading him to let it grow again

princesspeahead Tue 15-Jul-03 20:29:44

love the idea of him looking like a pint of guinness!

Ghosty Tue 15-Jul-03 21:30:53

Oh Breeze ... you silly nana!! I did giggle at the 'pint of guinness' look though!!
Don't beat yourself up about it .... as everyone says it will grow back and very quickly too!
I just had DS hair cut really short (though not as short as yours) so that he could look a little bit more grown up ... some of the boys at his kindy look so much older than him ... I felt he needed to look a bit tougher ... but he still looks like a baby to me!
My sister recently shaved her 8 month old DDs head ... she reckons it grows back thicker ... ????

WideWebWitch Tue 15-Jul-03 21:45:06

Breeze, but *he* likes it! That's the main thing, imagine how bad you'd feel if he didn't! I agree, don't be hard on yourself and also agree about damn salesmen.

bloss Wed 16-Jul-03 00:47:10

Message withdrawn

M2T Wed 16-Jul-03 09:01:52

Breeze - You've got to see the funny side though..... ? Ya numpty!

breeze Wed 16-Jul-03 09:51:11

Well for the first time since this heat wave hit us, ds has slept through the night.

I am feeling rather brave, lets see how I feel this afternoon when I take him to playschool.

M2T Wed 16-Jul-03 09:56:49

D'you think the bald head technique would work on my ds..... he's only slept through the night a handful of times!

Maybe you could get the head shaving into the GF book! LOL.

fio2 Wed 16-Jul-03 10:03:36

breeze thats the worst bit taking them to groups, I did ds grade2 accidentally but he was only 4 months old. All the mums at the toddler group kept calling me the evil mother. It does grow back thicker though

flowerpower Tue 12-Aug-03 01:29:25

Your son will be rapt! Not only does he look just like Dad but he will also be more comfy at night.
Once while cutting my husband's hair and doing round the ears with scissors oops i cut his ear and it even bled!!! eek!!

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