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Any scouts type movements for 4 or 5 year olds?

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IlanaK Fri 12-Aug-05 19:24:49

I saw on their website that scouts are only from age 6. Does anyone know of any similar type thing for younger boys?

spacecadet Fri 12-Aug-05 19:29:27

no, they start beavers at 6 as far as i know there is nothing for younger boys, then they move to cubs, then scouts.

essbee Fri 12-Aug-05 19:29:45

Message withdrawn

chatee Fri 12-Aug-05 19:30:13

cubs and beavers but not 100% sure of ages...
girls are rainbows(5-7yrs) and brownies(7-10)
so presume similar ages for boys????
but hopefully someone will confirm or try googling?

IlanaK Fri 12-Aug-05 19:33:05

Yes, I know 6 is the youngest, but I thought there might be a non-scout movement that takes them younger. I remember someone mentioning a sort of nature type group that was like scouts. I just can't remember the name.

oops Fri 12-Aug-05 19:58:32

Message withdrawn

oops Fri 12-Aug-05 19:59:10

Message withdrawn

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