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what is the new thong now.Poor peter stringfellow?

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overdraft Fri 12-Aug-05 12:00:45

just wondering.What the new thong is?

Hip huggers???????????

serenity Fri 12-Aug-05 12:06:36

boy pants - the little tight short ones and french knickers, but they aren't the french knickers I remember my Mum having. Didn't they used to be loose? These new fangled ones are all tight and lycra-y. Good for holding your wobbly bits together.

All I need now is for hipsters to go too, and I stop having peoples manky bum crack dental floss pants waved in my face

Oh god I'm getting old and cranky.

overdraft Fri 12-Aug-05 12:11:53

at last knickers that hold my wobbly bits together

overdraft Fri 12-Aug-05 12:12:13

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