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Dark lily pollen on brand new pale coloured jacket, help!!!

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Demented Fri 12-Aug-05 11:51:24

Help! I brushed against some flowers this morning (in my own house so should have known there were lilies in there) on the way out the door wearing my new pale coloured jacket. When I took the jacket off this morning, it didn't strike me as pollen because it was so dark (lovely dark pink coloured lilies) and thinking it was dirt brushed it off with my hand, it has now gone down into the fabric.

The only thing I have in the house is Vanish stain removal spray, will this work or does anyone have another remedy?

bran Fri 12-Aug-05 11:55:31

This might not work as you've already brushed it with your hand, but wrap some sellotape around two fingers sticky side out and dab it on the pollen in a rolling motion.

There was a thread about this ages ago and there were some good suggestions, but I can't remember them now.

Demented Fri 12-Aug-05 11:56:04

I am searching Google just now and looks like I have done wrong big time by brushing it with my hand and this has probably limited my chances of removing it, grrrrr!

Scatterbrain Fri 12-Aug-05 11:57:07

This may sound weird - but hang the jacket in the sun !! I had lily pollen all over the back of a white T-shirt last week and I washed it twice to no avail - then I hung it on the line and lo and behold - two hours of sun later - no stain !!

Demented Fri 12-Aug-05 11:57:24

bran, thanks, that's the only advice I can find on Google, going to give it a try.

Will do a search for the other thread. Thanks

Demented Fri 12-Aug-05 11:58:12

Thanks Scatterbrain, will try that too, hopefully the sun will come out here today!

Demented Fri 12-Aug-05 12:03:51

Quick update, sellotape has removed the most of it, thank you, bran. Will try washing it now and hanging it in the sun.

bran Fri 12-Aug-05 12:06:43

Good , hope the sun does the trick on the remainder.

Janh Fri 12-Aug-05 14:47:17

OMG I did this on Sunday on white linen shirt (my SIL said vaguely oh yes, I meant to pull it off )(mind you she was busy)

Brushed it, dry, first, then soaked it in Vanish solution for ages, scrubbed a bit with Imperial Leather (was in bathroom obv!) and eventually washed it today, it is on the line now and stain almost invisible. Good luck!

Demented Fri 12-Aug-05 17:48:07

It's on the line now and appears that the stain has all but gone, I know it's there and if I look closely I can see it but I don't think anyone else would notice. Haven't said this for a while but MN is fantastic! Thank you!

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