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Hoe are you coping with this heat??

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batey Tue 15-Jul-03 06:11:00

I know British people always complain about the weather, but it really is too hot for me at the moment. It was 34 degress on the school run home yesterday, and poor old dd2 was so hot and unsettled last night, she didn't stop sweating until 11pm.

What are your strategies? I manage to keep their bedroom at a (cool!!) 22-24 degrees, and have the fan on a timer switch, any other tips??

whymummy Tue 15-Jul-03 06:46:39

is been a nightmare for dd(3)she`s had a high temperature all weekend so we just stayed indoors and kept putting her in the bath,for myself i just sit with my feet in cold water,eating ice lollies

Mummysurfer Tue 15-Jul-03 06:52:24

I keep the curtains in their rooms closed all day, makes you look like a lazy tr-----op but it does help. It's been so warm keeping the window open hasn't really helped!
Bath them in the paddling pool (in the shade if you have any) but make sure the water is only tepid. It helped my 2 last night as their skin was cold when they went to bed. ds2 went off no problem. dd1 couldn't get to sleep until well after 9, but this isn't rare even on a normal evening.

musica Tue 15-Jul-03 08:56:40

It was 29 degrees in ds' room last night - we put him to bed just in a nappy, with a fan on him, and he stayed pretty cool. We've had fans on all day, but it just doesn't help being 39 weeks pregnant! I thought I was going to die yesterday! And then the b***** weather man goes "enjoy the weather, it's going to be even hotter tomorrow, so make the most of it".

pie Tue 15-Jul-03 09:02:50

Hoe are you coping with this heat? Who you calling a Hoe????

Actually 6 months pregnant, DD vomiting half the night...heat is just the icing on the cake!

princesspeahead Tue 15-Jul-03 09:19:16

it was boiling in my children's rooms last night, but ds still insisted on having his duvet on him! couldn't believe it. Tried to take the duvet out and just put the cover on him but he went nuts. So gave in in the end and covered him as requested.
Of course he kicked it off as soon as he was asleep but I felt hot and sweaty just looking at him.

they are little creatures of habit, aren't they?

willow2 Tue 15-Jul-03 11:41:43

I love summer but have to agree that this country just isn't geared up to heat of this level. At the moment I am dreaming of a house with thick stone walls, shutters, cool marble floors, ceiling fans, a pool and the beach just five minutes away. Then I would be able to really enjoy this heatwave. As it is I am surrounded by carpet, lathe and plaster walls, one poxy fan and no sign of a pool or a beach, so am absolutely boiling! Last night I ended up having a cold shower at midnight - which cooled my down but woke me up so much that it took ages to get to sleep!

Furball Tue 15-Jul-03 12:18:35

I always find a really really hot shower works for me. When you get out its all nice and cool.

It may sound mad, but give it a go!

Enid Tue 15-Jul-03 12:39:28

pph, I snuck the duvet out of the cover when dd1 wasnt around then put a cotton blanket inside - much cooler than a duvet and she didnt know the difference!

SofiaAmes Tue 15-Jul-03 22:43:50

princesspeahead, maybe your ds has the same sicilian blood as I do. I am still sleeping in this heat with my heavy down winter duvet. Current dh doesn't really mind...he'll sleep through anything. 1st dh used to complain that I was a mutant, as I would insist on sleeping with down duvet in nyc in summer (95 degrees with 95% humiidity) with no ac or fans on.

jasper Tue 15-Jul-03 23:42:44

sofiaames sounds like we share the same blood. I have only just switched off my electric blanket in the past week - usually it is on all year round

Neen99 Wed 16-Jul-03 08:57:46

What a nightmare being 8 months pregnant in Summer! I had ds1 in March last year, so was pregnant throughout Winter, and absolutely loved it. Couldn't wait till the next time.
This year I'm doing dh's head in moaning and being irritable all the time about how hot and drained I feel! Can't sleep at nights either, which doesn't really improve my mood!
Can't wait till it rains!

SamboM Wed 16-Jul-03 09:48:41

I love it!!

Just so grateful that I'm not pg this year, dd was born 4 Sept last year so I can remember only to well how hot it was!

eidsvold Wed 16-Jul-03 21:25:16

being an aussie I love it - having said that I am not at work so I manage to wear as little as possible and dd ( almost 1) lives in a nappy and a vest and has been making good use of her new paddling pool. She sleeps in her nappy and vest but we get great afternoon breezes and so leave her window open until we go to bed and her room is cool.

Last year - working in a very hot school and very pregnant - did not cope so well.

Claireandrich Wed 16-Jul-03 21:39:19

I like the heat but would rather I was on holiday for it. No doubt next week when the summer holidays start it will be raining

My classroom is horrid though - 26 computers, windows only just open 'cos of the security bars and no fan/aircon. We are also having an insopection this week to top it off! Mind, I can't imagine any inspector staying in my room for long so maybe a good thing

codswallop Wed 16-Jul-03 21:40:47

claire I always like your posts as I used to be a secondary reacher - it takes me all back inspections , staff rooms etc!

runragged Wed 16-Jul-03 22:03:24

eidsviod, a nappy and a vest? I'm lucky if my two even get dressed! Luckily big tree in garden and factor 50! Was so hot last night that dh put ds (21 months) to bed in only a vest and do you know what he was totally dry - must be a fluke but dh is trying again tonight. I must get some cat litter as I think I'll be trying out the tip of the day!!!

Too hot for me though, haven't even managed to unpack from holiday and have been back since monday night - lazy tart aren't I?

Claireandrich Thu 17-Jul-03 11:47:16

Yeah, last day of work for the holidays!!!!!! And the inspectors have gone

Tropuble is, it's raining and thunder Anyone know the forecast for next week in Sheffield?

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