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Don't want to go out, don't want to stay in here either, what can I do today?

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sweetkitty Fri 12-Aug-05 10:14:38

Following on from my bad news yesterday I'm so down in the dumps today, I don't want to go anywhere today could quite happily just sit in my pj's today but I hate this flat with a passion, didn't even want to get out of bed this morning, I feel like it is suffocating me.

Thing is DP has the car public transport is a nightmare and I'm pretty poor so that rules out shopping. I am absolutely fed up with little walks down the street cos that reminds me I shouldn't even be in this town.

Only person I could visit would be my Mum but she is driving me mad (cannot wait to move away from her) so really can't be bothered seeing her in this mood.

So what else can I do today?

TracyK Fri 12-Aug-05 10:17:59

can't you go and buy a book/mag and go and sit in the park? or go to the library if its raining?

sweetkitty Fri 12-Aug-05 10:34:46

won't get time to read it sorry DD is only a year think I will just go out for a walk down the same street this afternoon at least it's getting out of here for a bit.

madmarchhare Fri 12-Aug-05 10:37:31

Do you have plans to move, or just wishing?

Aimsmum Fri 12-Aug-05 10:41:00

Message withdrawn

sweetkitty Fri 12-Aug-05 10:42:47

MMH - thats a whole big story and the problem TBH don't want to bore you with the whole story but we are waiting to move but keep being let down and banging our heads against a brick wall, thought we had a solution and things were moving again but NO another door slams in our face.

It's living here thats the problem, it's a tiny 2 room flat all our things are in boxes around me DD has just started walking and theres no where for her to walk.

Sorry I caould go on all day feeling very very sorry for myself today which is crap cos it could be worse.

sweetkitty Fri 12-Aug-05 10:43:33

yes aimsmum in Ayrshire looks quite nice right now but could change.

Aimsmum Fri 12-Aug-05 10:48:57

Message withdrawn

madmarchhare Fri 12-Aug-05 10:50:33

Soz, I didnt mean to get you going

I was going to say, can you sort some stuff out if you had plans to move, but by the sounds of the boxes you already have!

While Im raking things up, whats with your Mum? Would she look after DD for an hour or two?

wassy Fri 12-Aug-05 10:50:44

just come across your posting sweetkitty. Wish I could offer some suggestion but you know how I feel right now and now I see what you mean.

sweetkitty Fri 12-Aug-05 11:06:38

Aimsmum - thanks for the offer might take you up on it one day bit late today yes we are at the coast so I'm planning a long head clearing walk along the shore front.

Madmarchhare - thats another can of worms my mum and babysitting, no Friday is her "busy day" you would think she would have been desperate to babysit for DD after all she didn't see her hardly for the first 9 months of her life (we lived in London) but no she never asks to babysit and the twice we have asked her she has made out to other people that we have dumped DD on her. Not once has she offered to even take DD out a walk in her pram to give me an hours break even though I was at the feeling like s* stage of pregnancy for a while. Sorry thats another thing I could go on about all day.

Sorry I'm such a miserable cow today

sweetkitty Fri 12-Aug-05 11:12:32

Sorry madmarchhare - the whole saga is under Feeling Depressed So fed up - my life right now! I've posted on it today so it should be near the top.

Aimsmum Fri 12-Aug-05 11:18:31

Message withdrawn

sweetkitty Fri 12-Aug-05 11:43:37

thanks hope you have fun at the park or soft play and the rain stays off

moondog Fri 12-Aug-05 11:47:57

sweetkitty,don't think there isn't one of us who doesn't know what it feel like to be cooped up with a small child/children. Much sympathy. It is hard too,as the worse you feel,the less inclined you are to get out....
But go, just force yourself out and you will feel better.
Swimming? Is this your thing?
Always leaves you feeling better.

madmarchhare Fri 12-Aug-05 15:14:09

Ah, Ive seen you over on the other thread now!

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