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*Dominant Female = Boy, Dominant Male = Girl*

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henshake Thu 11-Aug-05 20:29:57

The following theory only seems to be appropriate with the first born. Seriously consider yourself, your friends and your family.

If the female of the relationship is the wearer of the trousers then the first born will be a son, yet if the male is the more dominant then the first born is a girl.

What do you think?

expatinscotland Thu 11-Aug-05 20:32:50

I think it's bollocks. I'm the trouser wearer in the house and my first was a girl.

Those theories are all bunk. It's whatever sperm reaches the egg first.

tribpot Thu 11-Aug-05 20:36:21

I can't really think of a scientific basis for this theory Although having a boy is more likely (I think) in the early part of the fertile period .. so maybe a more dominant female is more likely to say "let's get it on" or something? (Clearly second time around any female is more likely to say "I'm just going to lie here, you do what you can" at any point in her cycle )

ChaCha Thu 11-Aug-05 20:38:37


I think i conceived CD9 and i'm supposedly PG with a boy...first time i've heard that boy is more likely in early part of cycle. I find that interesting!

We both wear the leg each! He he!

Blackduck Thu 11-Aug-05 20:38:44

I'm with expat - it's rubbish......although dp would say I am the trouser wearer and our first (and only) is a boy......

tabitha Thu 11-Aug-05 20:39:12

I think this theory's crap as well - my eldest is a girl and I'm definitely the boss, no matter what dh says
For what it's worth I have 3 dds and 1ds - all the girls were (happy )'accidents' but my son was planned - don't know if there's a theory there or not.

hercules Thu 11-Aug-05 20:39:24

Bollocks and we all wear trousers in our house.

bonym Thu 11-Aug-05 20:40:48

Rubbish, rubbish, rubbish - I have 2 dd's and am not, shall we say, a shrinking violet .

Mirage Thu 11-Aug-05 22:38:02

YUP-Rubbish.I wear the trousers in this house & we have 2 dd's.My aunts are the same & they all had dd's.DH's mum had 5 dd's & 1 ds,so need I say more ?

Milge Thu 11-Aug-05 22:40:16

I suppose the fact we had boy/girl twins means that dh and I are equally dominant.... Another bunkum theory i'm afraid..

jessicaandbumpsmummy Thu 11-Aug-05 22:40:48

Rubbish im afraid! DH is so far under the thumb he will never get out and I have a baby girl!

My dad wore the trousers more often than my mum and they had a boy first.

My MIL wears the trousers and she had a girl first.

My gran wears the trousers and she had 2 girls!

weesaidie Thu 11-Aug-05 22:58:32

Well I was first born and my mum was definately the more dominant. BY FAR.

Also I have a dd and I think that me and my ex were fairly equal but if it came down to it I was more dominant!

So. NO. Lot of crap... I am more of a believer in the simple genetics... so many XX, so many XY, just a matter of chance.

starshaker Thu 11-Aug-05 22:59:56

im the boss in our house and have a lovely wee girl who will grow up to tell her daddy what to do aswell

marthamoo Thu 11-Aug-05 23:02:30

I believe it. David Beckham wore a skirt and they have three boys. Sounds eminently sensible and scientific to me.

henshake Fri 12-Aug-05 20:28:09

expatinscotland - say what ya think girl. Starshaker LOL at comments. I believe in the XX and XY theory, but after reading all of your comments I'm moving slightly to perhaps if the female is the trouser wearer then the first born is a girl.

WigWamBam Fri 12-Aug-05 20:45:18

My mother is definitely the trouser-wearer in my parents' relationship - they have three girls.

My sister is the trouser-wearer in her marriage - her first-born was a girl.

My best friend's dh wears the trousers in their relationship - their first born was a boy.

Me and dh share the trousers in our relationship (we only have room for one pair and there's no way I'm letting him have them permanently ) and we have a girl.

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