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baby bicycle seat - what do you think of them?

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biglips Thu 11-Aug-05 20:13:11

the ones that you put on the back of your own bike but DP say No, as if i fall off baby will get hurt!

gingernut Thu 11-Aug-05 20:17:21

We have one that goes in front of the adult's seat which I think is nicer for the child. There is no getting round the fact that the child might get hurt in an accident though. A risk you have to take. So far (touch wood) dh has not had an accident with ds on board. They both wear cycing helmets. ds loves it.

biglips Thu 11-Aug-05 20:19:22

my baba is 10 months old.. is that too young?

gingernut Thu 11-Aug-05 20:20:55

ds was about 2 when we got ours. They may give some guidance on the seats, I can't remember though. I think 10 months is probably a bit young.

gingernut Thu 11-Aug-05 20:22:39

this is says 18 months to 4 years.

KBear Thu 11-Aug-05 20:38:17

Notquitecockney whizzes round London with her DS in the seat behind her - she'll advise you I'm sure. (She's on hol at the mo but has been posting - give her a shout!).

Chuffed Thu 11-Aug-05 20:58:53

Ours is from about 10mths onwards. dd is 16mths we've had it about a month and she loves it. We are incredibly careful where we ride though.

Chuffed Thu 11-Aug-05 20:59:12

try again here

foxinsocks Thu 11-Aug-05 21:19:24

I take ds on the back of my bike all over the place. I think the things you have to think about are
- the harnesses on all the bike seats are not brilliant. If your child tends to fall forward still (as I imagine she might at 10 months) then you need to make sure the harness is very snug on and then put the helmet on
- if a car hits anything other than a car, you will most likely come off second best (but this has never stopped me cycling)

This is the seat (incidentally, I paid about £30 more for mine than the price on this site ggrr!!) we have. I particularly like this one because ds holds onto the handles and pretends to steer the bike! Also, if he falls asleep, I can recline the seat and his helmet fits nicely in the dip.

I would take your baby along to your nearest cycle shop and try a few out and see what you think.

Demented Thu 11-Aug-05 21:48:49

We've got a Halfords one (did go in to buy a brand name but they had none left). We have used it with both DS1 then DS2 (DS1 from about 18 months and DS2 from around a year). Found it to be very good. We only do social cycling, using designated cycle tracks, only ever using the road if we really have to as I am paranoid about either DS being hit by a car while on the bikes (DS1 now goes on the back of DH's bike on a Trailgator). IMO if you were just to fall off if the child has a helmet and is properly strapped in the worst we are talking is bumps, scrapes and bruises, otherwise surely they wouldn't sell the seats?

biglips Fri 12-Aug-05 17:53:18

yeah true demented

fox - very impressed with the babas seat, ive gotta try and get around DP

Kathlean Fri 12-Aug-05 18:50:52

Hi there

We have one of those little trailers. DS is now 4.5 years so probably wont be in it too much longer.

It's great as we can put a few toys and a drink in there in easy reach for him.

foxinsocks Fri 12-Aug-05 19:13:20

In terms of getting around your dh...

Last year, while we were on holiday (and I was cycling another bike with a standard child seat on the back) dh had gone to pack the car and I was left to get me, dd and ds and the bike to the car park. Dd (who was 4 then) walked next to me and I put ds (then 2) in the child seat of the bike and I pushed the bike. At one stage, there was a downhill bit so dd ran and I cycled slowly. When we got to the bottom, dd fell and instinctively (you may say stupidly!!) I jumped off the bike and completely forgot about ds and the bike tipped backwards (the child on the bike wrecks the weight so if you let go when you are not on, quite often the bike will flip over).

Luckily he had his helmet on but also, he realised what was happening and sat forwards. He didn't hurt himself at all but it did make me realise that basically, those child seats are only a bit of plastic. They are not going to 'save' your child if you crash into a car BUT the way they are built- if all you do is crash into the pavement and your child is properly strapped in, then the plastic bit will certainly save them from hitting the pavement/road.

Honestly, with your child on the back, you become extra cautious anyway. I would advise you to try it out in the park a few times before you venture on the road - also, if you are new to cycling and in London, you can get cycling maps from the mayor's office (or through your council) which highlight quieter roads or off-road cycle lanes.

You will love it, it's great exercise (only way I've lost weight!) and your baby will love it too!

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