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School clothes

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Ericblack Thu 11-Aug-05 17:05:33

Is it possible to buy non-synthetic school trousers anywhere?

frogs Thu 11-Aug-05 17:31:05

After three years of research I now know the answer to this question, viz.:

John Lewis do cotton corduroy school trousers, as do The Children's Warehouse . At a price, though -- they're about £20 a throw. Mini-boden also sometimes have basic cotton cords, but touch and go if they have the colour you need. Navy okay this season, grey not.

John Lewis also now seem to have cotton pull-on trews, which may be more acceptable to schools -- schools can be funny about cords. These trews are significantly cheaper than the cords (£8 +) but possibly not as hard-wearing.


frogs Thu 11-Aug-05 17:33:00

And you can forget the JL website, they only have a tiny fraction of their stock online.

I get our stuff from JL in Oxford Street, don't know about other branches.

Ericblack Thu 11-Aug-05 17:56:12

Thanks frogs but tried JL in Glasgow today and no luck. On-line was, as you say, crap. Three years of research is a distressing thought. Actually, you don't have any hand me down cotton trousers (grey) I could buy off you? Frogs or anyone else that is?

frogs Thu 11-Aug-05 19:46:37

Ah, have just promised two pairs of age 4-5 grey cords to someone else on my For Sale in Aid of Niger thread. But if she pulls out, I'll CAT you.

Try Children's Warehouse. They do the uniforms for several quite poncey London prep schools, so the service can't be too bad. Their website goes a bit funny on me, but you get that with Macs.

Twiglett Thu 11-Aug-05 19:53:03

is there a particular reason for wanting non-synthetic trousers I am unaware of??

Ericblack Thu 11-Aug-05 19:56:45


Ericblack Thu 11-Aug-05 21:03:29

Thanks again frogs. A bit worried that cords might be too different for my Power Ranger, Road to Amarillo loving boy though so hope you get a good price for them for the appeal. And delighted to see you using one of my favourite words - poncey.

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