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Had enough of the school holidays...

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saffy202 Thu 11-Aug-05 15:43:51

or rather other people's kids. Had to go on a course today and my children are at their grandmas. Finished early and got a lift home - pulled round the corner to find my neighbour-across-the street's son and a child they are supposed to be childminding playing football in my front garden . It has rained nearly all week so the garden is muddy.

I did have my suspicions that this has been going on when I've been at work. I just can't believe the cheek of it. I wouldn't let my children go and play in someone's garden when they were obviously out. They are not allowed to play in their own gardens - so they send them to mine!!

Am off to Turkey next week so god knows what state the garden will be in on my return

Skribble Thu 11-Aug-05 21:40:05

Sorry I can gloat as ours go back next wednesday, Plus I have 2 high gates to my back garden with bolts on the inside.

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