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Life's small mysteries

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marthamoo Thu 11-Aug-05 15:40:45

Why are Yellow Pages left on doorsteps in August, the month when people are most likely to be on holiday, thus advertising to all passers by that the occupants of the house are away?

Why can't you buy packs of black felt tips? The black always runs out first, you have to buy a whole new packet, you end up with a million yellows.

What's the point in wearing the shortest of short skirts, that barely covers your bum, and furry boots?

stacijc Thu 11-Aug-05 15:44:28

lol i know what u mean!!!

especially the short skirt and furry boot thing...i don't get that!
as for yellow poages we don't even get 1!!!

Skribble Thu 11-Aug-05 21:41:22

Just remember that the shorter the skirt the tighter it has to be so that even the skiniest belly hangs over.

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