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'rather less than 100 sit ups a day 'club

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boyandgirl Sun 13-Jul-03 23:03:06

I think I may be inspired by the 100 situps a day club - but I couldn't manage more than 10!

Anyone want to try starting small and building up?

bossykate Mon 14-Jul-03 07:43:29

yes, i would be interested.

Iggy Mon 14-Jul-03 07:47:32

Yes please.... I have just got back from my holidays visiting parents and inlaws and find I am half a stone heavier and about 5 inches wider in the waist! I am too chicken to even open the 100-situps-a-day-club thread.... Saw this thread and will finish this message then go do 10 or 15! Let you know later. Whats the plan... increase by a few every day or do 10 the first week, then 15 the next.....??

boyandgirl Mon 14-Jul-03 09:53:54

Let's be gentle on ourselves I think 10/day/week, then 15/day/week, etc is a good number.

OK...deep breath...I'm off to do them! Will likewise report back.

Bossykate - how're they going?

boyandgirl Mon 14-Jul-03 10:17:00

Done 'em!

Feeling virtuous

bossykate Mon 14-Jul-03 10:22:16

will do them tonight, promise! going on hols in five weeks, not hoping for a miracle but that's enough time to see some improvement!

kayleigh Mon 14-Jul-03 11:50:21

Can i join in ? Think I can probably just about manage 10. might have to be in 2 attempts

Mocha Mon 14-Jul-03 12:04:15

Can I join in? I have just done 10.

bayleaf Mon 14-Jul-03 13:38:15

IS this an exclusive club or can any flabby old cow join in? I've not done a sit up in the last 5 years but I defintely aspire to having less of a paunch as ther are acres of my wardrobe that is unwearable as everyone will start thinking that I'm pregnant - and given how badly I want to be I really can't stand the speculation!
I'm about to have my lunch but will do a few later and report back if it's more (!) or less ( more likely...) than 10

beetroot Mon 14-Jul-03 15:13:20

Message withdrawn

sis Mon 14-Jul-03 20:06:20

So Bayleaf, you must have sent in your very slim twin at the mumsnet meet-up last year!

Tortington Mon 14-Jul-03 20:22:14

i did 20 today

lilymum Mon 14-Jul-03 20:29:11

Yes please, count me in. I'll start with 10 - I'm off to do them now...

badjelly Tue 15-Jul-03 09:38:55

I did 20 last night and do I regret it this morning or what!

boyandgirl Tue 15-Jul-03 09:57:35

Hey badjelly and custardo - are you trying to be the teacher's pets! Naughty naughty, you'll upset the seriously flabby!

I've just done today's 10, hooray!

And I need them...last night I went to a 10 year reunion where everyone knew that I'd had a baby and three people were suprised to see me pregnant again so soon! AAARGH!!!

bossykate Tue 15-Jul-03 10:30:45

20 done this morning!

Bobsmum Tue 15-Jul-03 10:34:46

I sat with my slendertone zapper strapped round my tum last night for 20 minutes. That must be equivalent to loads - surely? Many choccy chip cookies in one hand and a cuppa in the other - why should I have to leave my sofa??

Iggy Tue 15-Jul-03 11:47:40

DOne em... gosh I feel so virtuous!!! Better keep off the Strongbow tonight or it will all be for nothing! So are we keeping to 10 a day for this month ? I think I can manage that.....

oliveoil Tue 15-Jul-03 11:58:03

I want to join too, would like my waist back at some point this decade.

Just ordered a stretchy tummy toner thing off the internet, probably a load of c**p (£9.95...) but might give me an incentive to get off the settee.

Metrobaby Tue 15-Jul-03 12:05:32

Bobsmum - the slendertone zapper sounds like my kinda thing !

Are situps bad for your back ? I have a weak back so am reluctant to do any. Plus I have rather big boobs which make any attempt to do a situp horrendously difficult. Maybe I'll attempt 5 today.

kayleigh Tue 15-Jul-03 12:10:08

I did manage to do 10 yesterday and have done my 10 today. I found it really hard going, god am I unfit. I did todays before I got dressed...not a pretty sight. Shan't be doing that again in a hurry

lilibet Tue 15-Jul-03 12:32:12

Custy, good to see you back, if you will have all this french food and wine you just have to pay the price afterwards

Tortington Tue 15-Jul-03 12:56:40

dont i know it!

done my 20 today

bayleaf Tue 15-Jul-03 13:45:55

Thanks sis - I knew I liked you
Did 10 last night - went and had a rest on the bed then decided to go for the 'burn'(?!) - did another 10 - had another rest and decided I was on a roll and did 10 more - so can I have teacher's pet of the day award?
(unfortunately also finished up a bag of dolly mixtures so this might eliminate me)

Have done 10 so far this morning ( is somewhat easier now at home than it might have been in work time!!!)but suspect I am doing them wrongly - will have to interrogate dh ( who takes such things very seriously, even has weekly sessions with a personal trainer....)tonight.

boyandgirl Tue 15-Jul-03 14:18:54

Bayleaf - you win the apple today! Mind you, after last night's experience I might find myself doing another couple of sets too.

Please give us any sit-up-tips your dh might have. I too have a bad back, and I'm doing mine with my knees bent, lower legs resting on a birthing ball and basically lifting my shoulders as far as they will go.

I tried a Slendertone thingummy, Bobsmum, but it wouldn't even go round my waist ... oh well, at least I won't sink if I fall into a river.

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