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Aargh - the car we were due to buy has failed an inspection

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LIZS Thu 11-Aug-05 12:12:55

We had agreed to buy a car 2nd hand from local Renault garage last Saturday, due to collect it this weekend. This morning I get a call to say it has failed their workshop inspection, most significantly the roof support between 2 panoramic sunroofs is broken . As the car is out of warranty they won't repair it and have withdrawn it from sale.

I suppose we should be grateful that it was spotted but it means that we have now lost another week, have arranged insurance etc all for nothing and may have to hire a car for yet another week unless the garage come up with something else.

Aaargh ...... one step forward, 2 steps back

RTKangaMummy Thu 11-Aug-05 12:20:18

I am sorry if I sound dim but why would you even want to buy a car that is broken?

We had a car inspected and found out it had been in a crash with a garage driver at the wheel and then lied about why they airbag light was on.

I would far rather have a car inspected and it fail than buy a dodgy car.

Get the garage to lend you a curtesy car for free

LIZS Thu 11-Aug-05 12:30:56

Oh I agree RTKM. No I'm glad that they have spotted it of course. It is just so frustrating as we had no indication that anythoing could potentially be wrong. It is a car they sold new to a local person, have fully serviced and even showed the Experian paperwork to us as reassurance. They just neglected to tell us that it hadn't been properly inspected before being placed on the forecourt for sale.

Hopefully they will have a courtsey car for us in the meantime, although they didn't last week, as the guy was terribly apologetic. I'm sick of shelling out on car hire and being nervous about every scuff or scratch which may appear.

RTKangaMummy Thu 11-Aug-05 12:34:31

If they don't give you a curtesy car go to another garage

IMHO I don't think I could trust them again

SO you are a cash buyer go somewhere else

They don't sound reputable IMHO if they have looked after this car from new

LIZS Thu 11-Aug-05 13:48:19

They are actually a Renault owned garage, not even a franchise, and we used to go there when we had a Clio. Suspect the former owner of that car may not have been strictly honest about any bumps as find it hard to believe the roof bar would just break. Anyway, dh is speaking to them to see what they can offer us. Hopefully they will be so embarrassed that they will bend over backwards to help - may well shop around now though.

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