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what would u do?

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KemalsStilletto Thu 11-Aug-05 09:11:46

I know this is a really dumb question but my inability to make decisions of my own means I sometimes am dumb! I usually get a 10.00 bus weekly. I get paid 20.00 from work today and get paid 20.00 on Monday.

Now, I can
A) get the weekly today and have 10.00 to spend at weekend on entertainment etc...


B) get the weekly on Monday and pay 3.00 for a day saver to church on sunday and 1.00 to get to work on Monday which means I would have 21.00 on entertainment over weekend.

KemalsStilletto Thu 11-Aug-05 09:12:20

21.00 in part b being because I already have a fiver!!!

Hattie05 Thu 11-Aug-05 09:13:05

? not sure i understand your dilemma as B looks like the obvious suggestion to me.

Bozza Thu 11-Aug-05 09:23:52

I would do b because presumably the weekly will will pay for you to go to Church next Sunday (assuming you will be doing) and to get you to work next Monday.

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