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Still house searching.... areas of Devon please?

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pinkmamma Thu 11-Aug-05 08:16:30

Will be in Devon (Exmouth) at beginning of September and would be great to get some recommendations of areas to look at. Want good schools, pref nice coffee shops and shops type thing, and family orientated areas....?
Any info greatly appreciated

pinkmamma Thu 11-Aug-05 10:53:51


pinkmamma Thu 11-Aug-05 17:33:37

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oooggs Thu 11-Aug-05 17:35:36

I did a lot of my growing up in Exmouth, well mainly Lympstone, but was too young then to remember anywhere suitable to suggest. Hope someone helps you soon.

Tabs Thu 11-Aug-05 18:05:04

Wish I could help too. Went to uni in Exeter, but obviously didn't take an interest in good schools and family friendly areas back then. As long as I was near a pub and a cycle ride to campus I was happy!

Poss worth looking at Ottery St Mary though. Think it's quite family friendly, and famous locally for it's bonfire night celebrations, when people walk the streets with lit tar barrels!!

jane313 Thu 11-Aug-05 18:08:06

Exeter recently got voted best place for children to grow up in, so there maybe some stuff on the net about that. Its good because it a decent sized small city. Lots of things going on but not too big. Near to countryside and city. Lots of areas seemed nice when I lived there but it was 20 yrs ago when I was a student

bonkerz Thu 11-Aug-05 18:08:23

crediton, and any small village surrounding tiverton. Also think honiton is lovely.

ABow Thu 11-Aug-05 18:20:30

I'm biased. I was born and grew up in North Devon. Its a lot more 'qith it' now. Braunton is nice.

pinkmamma Thu 11-Aug-05 20:18:09

Thanks, added them to the list.

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