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Learn Direct ... £70 cash incentive for 20 minutes numeracy trainng and exam

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bunny2 Wed 10-Aug-05 14:19:30

Just thought I'd post this. Our local office offers numeracy and literacy courses to complete at home - they are pretty easy and, on completion, I was entitled to £35 plus another £35 for doing an exam (level 1). Everyone over the age of 19 is eligible. Seems an easy was to claw back some of my taxes so I thought I would let you all know - investigate your local Learn Direct and see what they offer.

Mirage Wed 10-Aug-05 14:29:18

Sounds good Bunny2.I could do with £70! Will investigate & see if its offered around here.

Thanks for the tip!

bunny2 Thu 11-Aug-05 20:26:37

bmp - it seems too good to be true but it isnt!

fruitful Thu 11-Aug-05 20:54:41

I had a look on the learndirect site but can't see anything about this. What is the £35 for? Is it means-tested?

bunny2 Thu 11-Aug-05 22:39:19

no, not means tested at all. Anyone over the age of 19 is eligible. I told them I have a Masters degree and I still want excluded from it. I also told them I wasnt looking to return to work - my reason for choosing the numeracy rather than the literacy was to "help my son with his homewrok"! Literally anyone is entitled to do the course - a Gov target is to have all adults achieving level 1 in numeracy and literacy (City and Guilds I think). This is the way they are ensuring we all get to that level! I know it sounds a piss-take but if the Gov want to return somer of my taxes to me in this way then fine

Please find out if there is a similar scheme in your area - it is the easiset 70 quid Ive ever earned.

When I go past the building I'll try and get a phone no /URL for you to enquire. There must be similar schemes everywhere.

swedishmum Fri 12-Aug-05 01:49:21

Is there a particular name for the course you did? It could help pay for my latest postgrad course!

bunny2 Fri 12-Aug-05 19:46:33

i'll post details over the weekend - promise

kid Fri 12-Aug-05 19:51:45

My MIL is doing the numeracy course. There are 2 or 3 different levels available and she chose level 1 but will do level 2 next. She is not receiving any money for doing it, she has lots of homework to complete each week to and an exam to sit at the end. She is really enjoying the course, I personally don't feel I could do it whilst working and having a young family.

bunny2 Fri 12-Aug-05 19:57:20

done a bit of research and it apprears to be a scheme operating along the south coast - dont know about other locations but there are offices for "Online Learning Network Ltd" in Portsmouth, Fareham, Gosport, Reading and Poole. I have ohne nos for all these offices if they are of use to anyone.

bunny2 Fri 12-Aug-05 20:00:33

kid - surprised she isnt recieving money - obviously the scheme varies from place to place. With the course, in the office I went to, you sat a numeracy test immediately and it took less than 20 mins. If you scored 45/50 or more you could do the exam immediately which earns £35. I purposely mucked up the questions so I could do the workbooks. The initial test was very easy - write 3.45 pm as a 24-hour clock time was about as hard as it got.

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