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Strep B - British 10K run London 13th JULY - Jane's Challenge

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butterflymum Fri 11-Jul-03 15:43:16

Hope folks don't mind me highlighting the fact that Jane Plumb of the Group B Strep Support group is taking part in this run on Sunday to help raise awareness of the condition and, obviously, funds as well.

I have already included this on the Strep B thread but thought other mumsnetters may be interested in helping as well.

Jane's Challenge

I would not normally become involved in fundraising in this way, but felt as the issues surrounding Strep B were being discussed so much on mumsnet (and indeed the Group B Strep website has put a link to mumsnet and the discussions on their site) it would be nice to help .

Obviously, I would not want mumsnetters to feel obliged in any way. It's just me, trying to help.


butterflymum Sun 13-Jul-03 01:58:56

Toady is Jane's big day - I hope she does GBSS proud!

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