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When to stop using non bio?

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Flossam Tue 09-Aug-05 21:36:28

Just wondering really!

Hattie05 Tue 09-Aug-05 21:37:10


I have always used non-bio as i have v bad excema

spacecadet Tue 09-Aug-05 21:38:21

dd is now 12 months but i still use it as i have excema too and so does dp.

Flossam Tue 09-Aug-05 21:43:14

Not at 9 months then?

Lonelymum Tue 09-Aug-05 21:44:26

If you haven't got a skin problem, does it matter? I didn't use it exclusively for any of my babies.

Mosschops30 Tue 09-Aug-05 21:45:28

Message withdrawn

HappyMumof2 Wed 10-Aug-05 16:05:59

Message withdrawn

hercules Wed 10-Aug-05 16:12:02

I still use it at 31.

Carla Wed 10-Aug-05 16:13:10

I think I stopped using it when I started bunging their washing in with ours - about 31/2,4.

marne Wed 10-Aug-05 16:15:24

I have always used it.

PiccadillyCircus Wed 10-Aug-05 16:15:52

Don't think I'll stop - I like the smell . And DS's clothes go in with ours anyway (always have done).

WigWamBam Wed 10-Aug-05 16:17:02

My dd's 4, and I still use non-bio - I've used it for all of my washing since she was born.

Raspberry Wed 10-Aug-05 16:18:43

Personally, I wouldn't stop ever, my dp is 39 and suffers from dermatological problems if we switch, as does my dad and he's 60.

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