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What do you call your...?

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ks Thu 10-Jul-03 23:09:30

Message withdrawn

pie Thu 10-Jul-03 23:13:18

All the time, but not to DD if thats what you are asking.

Who are you having the arguement with??

ks Thu 10-Jul-03 23:15:17

Message withdrawn

pie Thu 10-Jul-03 23:17:24

But then again I'm the wrong person to ask, if its DH and me I am a real potty mouth, when we first got together he was shocked, now he just kind of ignores it!!

anais Thu 10-Jul-03 23:18:12

I might when I start my new job

ks Thu 10-Jul-03 23:19:21

Message withdrawn

ks Thu 10-Jul-03 23:20:06

Message withdrawn

spacemonkey Thu 10-Jul-03 23:21:34

Depends on the context ks!

bettys Thu 10-Jul-03 23:24:20

Since I heard it on The Fast Show I quite like furry front bottom.

anais Thu 10-Jul-03 23:25:08

ks, I'm going to be working on an 'adult chat line' <giggle>

bettys Thu 10-Jul-03 23:25:41

would never use c**t, pussy is too playboy but fanny is okay tho' confusing if you're talking to an American

ks Thu 10-Jul-03 23:29:13

Message withdrawn

spacemonkey Thu 10-Jul-03 23:30:11

are you really anais???

i recently saw jobs going for people to answer text messages (of an *adult* nature hehe) but it was only £5 an hour!!! Shockingly underpaid I thought

spacemonkey Thu 10-Jul-03 23:30:59

what would you call it then ks?

ks Thu 10-Jul-03 23:33:05

Message withdrawn

pie Thu 10-Jul-03 23:36:05

Actually my DH never calls in anything in particular, he waits for me to say what I want it called for the day and takes it from there.

ks Thu 10-Jul-03 23:37:32

Message withdrawn

anais Thu 10-Jul-03 23:44:09

Spacemonkey, yep I am, when they finally get their comp systems sorted out and I can start! Where was this ad for text messaging??? I could do that for a £5...

prufrock Thu 10-Jul-03 23:44:29

Would never use C**t. Well not to refer to my furry front bottom. Have been known to tell dh he's a complete one when very very angry.
Pussy is far too playboy. Fanny far too tame.
Dh says snatch -but it always makes me think of Guy Ritchie and Brad Pitt- which is probably not his intention. In passing I tend to use a hevaily ironic "punani"

ks Thu 10-Jul-03 23:50:35

Message withdrawn

Ghosty Fri 11-Jul-03 00:11:47

Good story ks
I would only ever use c**t if I was really angry and swearing ... it is a horrible word ... the worst swearword IMO ... I am ashamed to say that I have been known to call someone that before!
Fanny ... not offensive ... pretty tame.
Pussy ... very american ... sounds sleazy ...
In our house we call it a 'nunney' or 'bits' ... don't ask me why ...

WideWebWitch Fri 11-Jul-03 06:23:26

Ks, did you win the argument? Agree, only a sleazo uses Pussy, urrgh! I'm with the feminist school of thought that thinks we ought to reclaim c**t really and it shouldn't be a taboo swear word. But I appreciate that it is atm. I quite like it even as that although you really have to watch where you use it - really one of the last taboo words. Uggh at snatch too, a bit Boogie Nights/porn to me at your cake story. Anais, good luck with the job - eeeww! What will be your word of choice do you think?

doormat Fri 11-Jul-03 07:54:59

www agree
other suggestions ks mott, backy pouch

ks Fri 11-Jul-03 08:23:13

Message withdrawn

Boe Fri 11-Jul-03 08:41:09

Noonie is what we call it in our house - although did hear a litle girl say minnie the other day which I thought was a cute thing to call it - if not a little twee!!

Do not like the c word - on first day at work as an adult with a proper job worked for a gold broking firm - most attractive man I had ever seen (and still do not think I have seen one more attractive) - French Swiss, 6ft, lovely bod (found this out quite a bit later Skiing in Verbier!!) - was told to come and ask me if he could have a look at my C and that I would say was probably the most embarrassing moment of my life - it was I hasten to add in front of the Prince of Hanover (had drunk 3 bottles of wine) and Dae Llewlyn (Sleaziest man I have ever come across!!), just blushed and burst into tears. (In young twenties slapper phase did give him a flash at a much later point though!! - Oh my god!!)

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