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80's Fancy Dress Party - Any Ideas

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Janbo25 Mon 08-Aug-05 21:52:47

a friend of mine and her dh are off to an 80's fancy dress party next week any looking for ideas on what to go as and where to get the costumes from - Any ideas?

Heathcliffscathy Mon 08-Aug-05 21:56:54

him as limahl (bad wig that looks like pigeon has shat on top of head, cut off sleeves of tshirt, combat trousers in a suspect colour, dangley earring), her as cyndi lauper (easy peasy, mad make up like fuschia (sp) block eyeshadow etc, hair in three ponytails on various parts of head, stripey tights, rah rah skirt and top in clashing colours)?

WestCountryLass Mon 08-Aug-05 21:58:41

Characters from Dallas/Dynasty (Sue Ellen and JR/Crystal and Blake).

Wife wears shoulder padded, dropped waisted ensemble in brightly coloured satin fabric with stillies and patterned/lacey tights. Bouffant hair, plenty of hair spray, garish nail varnish.

Husband wears Miami vice styled jacket with sleeves pushed up, slip on shoes and socks (add cowboy hat for Dallas character). Brushed back and blow dried hair with wet look gel.

Janbo25 Mon 08-Aug-05 22:05:35

any ideas on where to get costumes?

WestCountryLass Mon 08-Aug-05 22:10:30

2nd hand shops, parents wardrobes , fancy dress shops???

Hazellnut Mon 08-Aug-05 22:22:03

we went to one a couple of years ago - dh went as Jimmy Saville - got blond wig from claire's accessories and borrowed a shiny tracksuit, bought a big cigar, wore loads of chunky gold jewellery we found in a charity shop and made a jim;'ll fix it badge. Was v. funny.......

KBear Mon 08-Aug-05 22:40:20

I remember the Two Tone outfits - half black half white top, same with the skirt. Boys, a tonic suit and a porkpie hat and bootlace tie.

One step beyond!

lucy5 Mon 08-Aug-05 23:05:40

Boy george
get dh to stick a daffodil up his bum and he could go as Morrisey
Maggie thatcher and dennis.

KBear Tue 09-Aug-05 09:35:52

Lucy5 LOL at daffodil up his bum - wasn't it a gladioli though!!?

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