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Computer keeps

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ANGELMOTHER Wed 09-Jul-03 16:08:48

My computer is less than a year old and absolutely it....can't live without it etc but the darn thing keeps freezing leaving no option but to simply turn off and start again.

Dh recently installed anti-virus software which scarily picked up loads and deleted and repaired, but it stil bl***y freezes regularily.

Any expert advice appreciated.....not sure if I need perhaps to strip it down and start again (Uninstall EVERYTHING and then reinstall IYKWIM)

Am I just being thick ??

SamboM Wed 09-Jul-03 16:42:58

Have you tried running a scan disk error thing (under the tools tab on the properties of your c:\ drive) and defrag (under system tools)?

Also, temporary internet files can cause problems, right click on your Internet Explorer icon and go to properties, then hit the delete files button under Temp internet files. Beware though, it may delete some of your saved passwords etc so make sure you know them all.

ANGELMOTHER Wed 09-Jul-03 19:03:46

Thanks sambom seems to of helped certainly shows me more housekeeping I need to do

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