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Why is Custardo shamed?

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lilibet Mon 08-Aug-05 16:15:30

just curious!!

Springchicken Mon 08-Aug-05 16:16:05

me too !

Marina Mon 08-Aug-05 16:16:07

I think you need to check a Brighton meet-up thread. She has failed to provide any concrete evidence though.

MrsGordonRamsay Mon 08-Aug-05 16:16:16

moi aussi

handlemecarefully Mon 08-Aug-05 16:16:17

I too am desperate to know.

motherinferior Mon 08-Aug-05 16:16:30

The Evils of Drink.

I share her shame, as it happens. Have had riotous weeklong celebrations of DP's birthday/new job, and am hanging my head in horror.

handlemecarefully Mon 08-Aug-05 16:17:19

Details please!

Is she softer and fluffier in RL?

Blu Mon 08-Aug-05 16:17:51

and so you should be blooy shamed, having a good time like that while the rest of us look on in envy and weep!

Springchicken Mon 08-Aug-05 16:18:19

Just saw her grovelling apologies on the Brighton Thread!
Oh come on custy, fess up What did you do?

lilibet Mon 08-Aug-05 16:27:30

I reckon she's been spotted buying the Daily Mail

MrsGordonRamsay Mon 08-Aug-05 16:29:26

I thought she had been spotted buying Burberry.

MABS Mon 08-Aug-05 17:19:09

She did nothing that the rest of us didn't do.!!

Cam Mon 08-Aug-05 17:33:53

Custardo was her normal sweet lovely self

bossykate Mon 08-Aug-05 17:35:29

she admitted that she grows herbs?

ScummyMummy Mon 08-Aug-05 17:41:16

I can't believe custy has anything to be ashamed about. I've always found her to be utterly charming and lovely in every respect, as cam says.

MABS Mon 08-Aug-05 17:59:58

too right Scummy, wish you'd been here to be shamed aswell...

Twiglett Mon 08-Aug-05 18:07:36

hmmm ... broody mother inferior .. weekend of drink and celebrations

anyone else feel that 2+2 may = 5 soon

spacecadet Mon 08-Aug-05 18:13:40

all she would say was that it involved drink

lilibet Mon 08-Aug-05 19:52:02

any commetn from the Daily Mail buying, burberry wearing custy?

MrsGordonRamsay Tue 09-Aug-05 14:23:42


Custy is around

desperatehousewife Tue 09-Aug-05 14:28:10

I was there and witnessed nothing untoward. I'm as curious as the lot of you.

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