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help with selling on ebay????? I am going to sound so thick!

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loulabelle222 Mon 08-Aug-05 09:45:39

Hi everyone I know a lot of you sell lots of things on ebay just wondering how you go about doing lots of stuff?

How do you pack the items? this is going to sound silly but I have never sent anything big off before?
Thank you XXX

Nemo1977 Mon 08-Aug-05 09:49:08

how many things are you talking about? Are you doing clothing lots or single items..if single things then for first time i wouldnt list more than 10 things just to get used to process as it can get confusing when first starting out. The other thing to make it easier is to buy packing envelopes from ebay as its sooo much quicker than wrapping paper for each item

loulabelle222 Mon 08-Aug-05 09:50:53

ok and then do you just go to the post office and ask to send all the items off?

Nemo1977 Mon 08-Aug-05 09:53:03

at post office they weigh everythign one by one to work out postage..u need to ask for proof of postage aswell so expect to be given funny looks by ladies behind counter as they hate doing it..especially when u turn up with 10-15 parcels

LittleMissNaughty Mon 08-Aug-05 09:53:56

How you pack your items really does depend on what you are selling. I sell a lot of clothes on ebay and use these

For more fragile items, it really is essential to use bubble wrap.

vickiyumyum Mon 08-Aug-05 09:56:30

that for me was the worst bit, endless trips to the post office to post parcels, will definatley put on in future set posting days, as because i didn't people expected parcel to be sent day the money cleared and this meant every day for tree weeks i was trailing backwards and forwards to the post office before and after work.

the money did come in handy, but i think that i would try and ask for cheques or postal orders only as when paid by paypal they take a percentage off and i never really got the money as would just spend it on the items i brought, so it didn't feel like i had made any money on that item iyswim!

loulabelle222 Mon 08-Aug-05 09:57:13

ok.. i am planning on selling some clothes and maybe a few toys! do you find yourself going to the post office every day?

vickiyumyum Mon 08-Aug-05 09:57:48

those bags are much better than brown paper, although i do think a brown paper parel looks nicer than a plastic envelope, in the end it comes down to time.

Nemo1977 Mon 08-Aug-05 09:59:35

the bags littlemissnaughty showed are the ones i use. I dont go to post office everyday but wait for payment from a few people and then maybe go twice a week

basketcase Mon 08-Aug-05 10:01:29

We bought a load of those plastic parcel invoice envelope things that you stick on the outside of the parcel.
First we photgraph the item really well from different angles and close up.
Next we package them up using plenty of bubble wrap if appropriate, jiffy bags or boxes.
Then we put a post it note on each box so we know exactly what is in which box.
Next we weight them on the bathroom scales and use the parcel force price list to work out how much they are going to cost. Sometimes it is cheaper and easier to use a courier service (usually a tenner) to pick up and deliver - saves going to the post office.
Once we know how much the postage is, we put it up for sale on ebay and hopefully sell it.
Once payment has gone through, we print out the basic details of addresses, item info, terms and conditions of sale etc., pop into the invoice envelope with buyers address sticking out on top.
Pop into the post office and post it off.
We usually sell stuff in batches so that we can post the lot off in one go rather than constant little trips out to the post office.

Oh - try not to make any money out of the p and p. Best to be as accurate as possible about this as people get upset if you pay £5 pandp only to see £2.10 on the stamps when it turns up.
Again, proff of posting and offer buyer a range of postage options is safest - if they want all the added security, make sure they pay for it.

LittleMissNaughty Mon 08-Aug-05 10:01:42

I would say that although brown paper parcels look nice, they do have a tendency to rip, which is why I like the plastic ones. Also, they are waterproof and a lot lighter.

Brown Envelopes vs Plastic Envelopes - new thread?

vickiyumyum Mon 08-Aug-05 10:02:07

depends how many items you sell at a time, i sold over 60 items in one go and regretted it when it came for posting. most of the people paid immediatley and i got cheques/postal orders within 2 days of auction ending and paypal payment immediatley so the first few days after werwa bit frantic and then the later payments came in. then had to post the items that had been paid by cheque when the cheque cleared and then the few stargglers who paid three weeks after the auction ended. so i would put in that you require payment by a certain amount of days or you will relist.

LittleMissNaughty Mon 08-Aug-05 10:08:06

I agree with the being honest about P&P. Nothing more annoying than paying £3 for postage, and finding out that it only cost them 28p and the cost of an envelope.

Photos really do make a difference to the amount you make. I sometimes buy things on ebay that look really bad in a photo and sell them on. I once bought something for £2 and sold it for £10 .

loulabelle222 Mon 08-Aug-05 10:08:11

can't wait!! so many clothes to sell! I have some designer items as well so this is why i am selling on ebay? do you think you make more money at a car boot though?

basketcase Mon 08-Aug-05 10:13:14

loulabell - have you looked at clothing on ebay?
often they make very little money at all and might be worth spending your time wading through ebay working out what is worth selling and what is worth trying other means?
Not trying to put you off just that ebay is a great way to make money with the right items -otherwise it can be time consuming for little return
good luck

loulabelle222 Mon 08-Aug-05 10:37:33

i know what you mean i just have so much nearly new and new stuff to sell!!! its unbelievable! obviously stuff that has been very worn in i wouldn't even try to sell! how does everyone do on ebay?

loulabelle222 Mon 08-Aug-05 11:12:06

right today is the day going to start selling! i'll let u know how i get on! thanks for all the advice!

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