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I just got the "you are on over 40 threads message"

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jane313 Sun 07-Aug-05 21:06:30

I was quite excited it said "You are on more than 40 threads in the last three days. Only searching the most recent 40." I really have been bored at work

Nemo1977 Sun 07-Aug-05 21:07:04


spacecadet Sun 07-Aug-05 21:09:01

i get that all the time..does it mean i have no life??

jane313 Sun 07-Aug-05 21:09:57

yes, i believe so! At least I am getting paid for this

spacecadet Sun 07-Aug-05 21:11:26

oh dear..i have def got no life then..

jane313 Sun 07-Aug-05 21:12:37

I do do it at home too, once i was determined to have an early night as dh was out and ended up drinking a bottle of wine and posting till 1am

spacecadet Sun 07-Aug-05 21:21:34

i was adamant i would be watching bb by now!

jane313 Sun 07-Aug-05 21:22:17

I'm watching it!

spacecadet Sun 07-Aug-05 21:23:25

i have it on in the dining room where the puter is!

WideWebWitch Sun 07-Aug-05 21:31:45

Only just? You lightweight!

jane313 Sun 07-Aug-05 21:34:12

I didn't know it existed otherwise I ould try harder

By the way wickedwaterwitch, did you know you aren't a letterland character anymore? They've revamped loads of them

WideWebWitch Sun 07-Aug-05 21:44:20

jane313, I know! She has gone as have others they considered dodgy for some reason, shame, my talking bus is out of date! <You're in Ealing aren't you and I don't know you but wondered once whether you were an Ealing person I recommended here, iirc anyway>

jane313 Sun 07-Aug-05 21:46:14

I am from Ealing but you didn't recommend it to me! Some have changed for no obvious reasons like max and maxine

Gillian76 Sun 07-Aug-05 21:47:51

Never had that... OK now I have a goal!

cod Sun 07-Aug-05 21:48:21

Message withdrawn

jane313 Sun 07-Aug-05 21:48:22

Its always good to have goals in life

essbee Sun 07-Aug-05 21:48:30

Message withdrawn

snafu Sun 07-Aug-05 21:49:12

I like the way it's actually quite a cross message - in red and quite stern. I feel as if I'm being ticked off (although have had quite a lot of that on here lately).

WideWebWitch Sun 07-Aug-05 21:49:20

cod, ponce yerself. Have been dying for a reason to type that.

cod Sun 07-Aug-05 21:50:16

Message withdrawn

WideWebWitch Sun 07-Aug-05 21:51:25

I'll look hang on, was it chat though, might have been deleted mightn't it? Aren't they after 30 days?

jane313 Sun 07-Aug-05 21:51:52

yes i did feel i had crossed some sort of line; got a lovely frisson of doing wrong.

snafu Sun 07-Aug-05 21:52:02

it was there a few days ago

WideWebWitch Sun 07-Aug-05 21:52:48

Ta Da! this one?

WideWebWitch Sun 07-Aug-05 21:53:59

Cod, you are not only a ponce, you are a bad looker, piece of p&&& finding that

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