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Toddlers and dogs... exp can't have dd when dog sitting?

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weesaidie Sun 07-Aug-05 20:26:53

This seems crazy to me but I don't have much experience with dogs.

In September my ex is dogsitting for a weekend for his family dog (at his house) and is worried about having dd (16 months) there at the same time.

The dog is friendly, etc, but he is worried that being out of place the dog might not react well to dd and that of course will only upset dd. Seems very unlikely to me. Dd has met dogs before - my mum and her boyfriend have one and she is there regularly - and is always entranced by them and pats them etc. She isn't all over them though and isn't too rough or anything.

I can't get my head round it and the argument just goes round in circles!

I don't mind if he cannot look after her one weekend as he is a very good dad and always makes up for it but it just seems strange to say to people, 'oh no, dd is not seeing her dad this weekend because he is dog sitting.'

Sorry to go on and know this is VERY trivial but I would just like some other opinions and eperiences!


hercules Sun 07-Aug-05 20:42:57

Sounds sensible enough. I dont like small children and dogs mixing personally unless carefully supervised at all times. My nephew was recently bitten by their golden retriever family dog.

I would of thought he'd have passed looking after the dog though and seen his dd.

Nemo1977 Sun 07-Aug-05 20:46:35

To be honest it can completely depend upon the dog my ds is 21mths and harrassas our dog something chronic..not in a nasty way but constantly wanting to play or cuddle her. Luckily our dog is placid and used to this but if the dog isnt used to it they could end up turning on the toddler. Ds isnt rough as such but just trys to get the dog to play so personally wouldnt want him around other dogs who are not used to toddlers.

weesaidie Sun 07-Aug-05 20:55:19

I know what you mean there Hercules! Looking after a dog or his daughter? Hmmmm, but still it will mean he will just have her extra another time so I am not going to get too p**d of about it!

I suppose it might be for the best but I did think his dog was pretty docile so I just thought it seemed silly to worry to much. I am the laid back parent amongst us though... maybe too laid back! I certainly wouldn't want dd harmed in anyway.

hunkermunker Sun 07-Aug-05 20:59:19

Dogs can be v laidback and docile, but they can still react unpredictably around children.

hercules Sun 07-Aug-05 21:00:22

I would selfishly worry about my lack of a free weekend too.

weesaidie Sun 07-Aug-05 21:10:10

Yes Hercules but I can't say that! Then I would look bad and we can't have that now!

Damn, it seems like I am in the wrong here... don't like it very much. Never mind I'll just have to say something like, 'oh if you really can't manage and your dog is more important....'

(I'm not that mean. Honest.)

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