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Misdee is back!! (update on peter as well ;) )

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misdee Sun 07-Aug-05 17:15:10


just got back fromn the hospital. Its been an exhausting 5 days. on the 1st day there i met one of the producers from channel 4, and had a chat. they are very very interested in peters story and the effect it has on the whole extended family. So atm am trying to decide if i want to be filmed or not. i think i will say yes as this will highlight the massive shortage of donor organs available.

Peter is in a bit of pain as the VAD seems to have moved. ouch. they have done mroe tests but everything seems to be fine otherwise. DD2 has seen the actual pump and we explained things to gher, she seemed to take it in her stride so hopefully dd1 reaction will be the same.

Will update more i na bit, need a cuppa lol.!!

sparklymieow Sun 07-Aug-05 17:16:49

I refuse to be filmed Misdee!!! They can mention me but no cameras....

misdee Sun 07-Aug-05 17:19:05

purpleturtle Sun 07-Aug-05 17:19:14

I'm glad I'm not the only one who logs on to MN before doing anything sensible like making a drink or unpacking or something else boring.

spursmum Sun 07-Aug-05 17:24:56

Sparkley you are a miserable old so and so!!!

hunkermunker Sun 07-Aug-05 17:26:21


sparklymieow Sun 07-Aug-05 17:27:01

SM, I ain't being filmed, I did a magazine article 2 years ago and that was bad enough!!

misdee Sun 07-Aug-05 17:28:54

was lovly meeting you hunkermunker. sorry for the state of me on friday, but i look worse today lol.

spursmum Sun 07-Aug-05 17:33:15

cant look worse than i do at the moment. got the lurgie and look and feel like shite!! and had to cancel a date for today!!! Just my luck!!

sparklymieow Sun 07-Aug-05 17:34:05

oooooooooo spill SM!!!! WHo is he?? Whats he like?? where you meet???

Fio2 Sun 07-Aug-05 17:34:35


spursmum Sun 07-Aug-05 17:38:13

not telling!!! you'll find out when i actually get to go on the date!!

sparklymieow Sun 07-Aug-05 17:39:53


misdee Sun 07-Aug-05 17:40:21


Leogaela Sun 07-Aug-05 18:03:58

Misdee, I was away on holiday and missed what has been going on with Peter (I'm still not sure!). Just hope Peter is doing well and getting stronger. You and the girls too are all OK! xxxx

Won't be able to see you on C4 as I don't have it here, but go for it!!!! I'm already sure you are a star!

misdee Sun 07-Aug-05 18:06:47

i was staying at the hospital last week, just got back today. it was nice being able to spend the days with peter. we went to see him after breakfast, went about 12, till about 3pm as dd3 has a long nap after lunch and wont sleep in the buggy, she has to be lying flat. then went back, had tes together (well i had a slimmers foodpack, dd2 had whatever, and dd3 had a bbreastfeed lol), then said good night and took the girls back to the room we were in for bed.

hunkermunker Sun 07-Aug-05 18:12:33

What are you on about, the state of you?! You're lovely

And your DDs - as gorgeous as their photos on here - actually, more so! DD3's very good to cuddle too - sweetheart!

hunkermunker Sun 07-Aug-05 18:12:59

What did you think of Uxbridge?

misdee Sun 07-Aug-05 18:15:44

i didnt get to see much, popped into 'the chimes' shopping centre, went into h&m, got the kids pj's and socks, picked up some books and stuff for peter and went back. but it looks like a place i'd love to shop in lol.

QueenOfQuotes Sun 07-Aug-05 18:16:50

Who's been in Uxbridge??

Hope you waved to my posh Great Aunty and Uncle while you were there

BTW - welcome back Misdee

Gillian76 Sun 07-Aug-05 18:18:09

Nice to see you back. Good luck if you decide to be filmed

Hausfrau Sun 07-Aug-05 19:14:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

misdee Sun 07-Aug-05 19:15:53


i might slip in a mention of mumsnet in there

MrsGordonRamsay Sun 07-Aug-05 19:19:30

A little hunkerbirdy tells me that you are one hell of a woman.

It's OK.............I didn't mention your HM, Misdee has no idea who I am talking about...............ROFL

Miaou Sun 07-Aug-05 19:22:38

Hello Misdee, glad you had a nice time with Peter this week. In all the excitement of giving birth I've missed this about being filmed ... is it for a documentary? I was in a doc about our family when we moved to Scotland four years ago, if you've any questions about what it's like being filmed feel free to ask. Glad that dd2 has reacted well to seeing Peter .

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